Hiking Tents

Hiking Tents

Hiking tents should be lightweight, easy to pitch, easy to pack, compact when packed up so it's easy to fit into your hiking backpack. The weight of your hiking tent is an important consideration because you will be carrying it along with all your other hiking gear, throughout your hike or journey.

Novaprosports specialises in premium quality lightweight hiking tents that are designed to be compact and ultra lightweight so hikers can enjoy what matters most - your hiking experience, not on the overbearing, unnecessary weight on your shoulders. After all, your energy is finite for the day, why waste it on lugging that weight?

We offer the best hiking tents in Australia in terms of a combination of quality, low prices, value for money & features. With Novaprosports you won't find massive markups commonly found in other big name stores, so for the same high quality hiking tent with same features, you can get them at a much more low & affordable price. We are happy to pass on the savings to you.

Enjoy airy light hiking tents from Novaprosports that put the spring in your steps, designed & engineered to shelter you from the harsh elements of the rugged wilderness. Highly rated waterproof material & fully seam sealed to protect the hiker from the pouring rain, high sides & dry-entry vestibule keep both rain & snow out of the tents, & B3 mesh keeps the wild bugs out of the hiking tents. Short of a lullaby, this is all you need for a comfortable sleep after a long day’s adventurous hike in the outdoors.

Our hiking tents fit 1, 2, & 3 hikers & are constructed with quality & durability in mind, at low prices, so they’re incredibly excellent value for money. If you’re a solo touring cyclist, backpacker or a hiker with a taste for the rugged outdoors, our range of 1 person hiking tent will be your go-to choice, just as they have been for thousands of happy customers. As a testament to our product quality & durability, you’ll enjoy 1 year warranty on all our tents & wetsuits, plus 30 days hassle-free returns. On top of that, enjoy ultra fast delivery for your lightweight hiking tents Australia wide from Melbourne, free for orders above $170. Experience helpful, accommodating customer care too.

If you are looking for extreme ultra lightweight tents developed with more high tech engineering, check out our ultralight tents instead. We also offer a wide range of hiking & outdoor gear including hiking backpacks, sleeping bagssleeping mats, hydration packs & camping pillows. Novaprosports specialises in outdoor adventure gear that are high quality yet affordable. Subscribe to our newsletters or like our Facebook page for fresh goods news & promotions.