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After a long day’s hiking or trekking outdoors, a good night’s sleep is essential to prepare you for the next day’s hike & adventure. That’s where a good sleeping mat can help you sleep well for the night in the wilderness. Find your perfect, high-quality ultralight sleeping mats at Novaprosports.

Most of our fantastic sleeping mats feature an intelligently designed, in-built pump that allows you to pump your inflatable camping mattresses anywhere, so you don’t have to be bound to a dedicated camping site. In addition, we have high quality, ultralight self inflating mats, closed-cell foam hiking mats, and sleeping pads for one to two persons.


The trade-off between body heat insulation & weight for your camping sleeping mat

Good sleeping mats add warmth and comfort by elevating you from direct ground contact, keeping a layer of air between you and the ground.

The indication of the ability of a sleeping pad to insulate your body & resist heat loss from your body through the ground is depicted by the Resist Value - the “R-value”. Generally, the thicker the perfect sleeping mat, the higher the R-value because of the thicker layer of air between your body & the ground - thus, more insulation by your sleeping mat.

Depending on the sleeping mat r value, these mats range in their ability to keep you warm and cozy, ranging from 1.0 (minimal insulation) to 9.0 (heavily insulated). Ensure your comfort is taken seriously by getting just the right amount of insulation. However, there is a trade-off between the R-value of the sleeping mat & its weight and compactness when packed up. The thicker the sleeping mat, thus providing more insulation & warmth, the heavier the sleeping mat, the bulkier it is to pack & fit into your backpack.

Therefore, the consideration is, what activity are you going to use your sleeping pad for it? For example, is it for hiking? Where are you going to lug around your hiking gear & hiking mattress while trekking distances & across various terrains? or are you going to pack it in a vehicle & drive straight to the campsite without expending finite energy?

If you are going hiking, then weight & packability are essential considerations. Your camping mattress will be one of the four most significant weights amongst your hiking gear, with your sleeping bag, hiking tent & hiking backpack. A lower R-value for your camping mattress is more suitable in this case for your camping mattress to be more lightweight & compact, so it fits into your backpack, among all your other hiking gear. Novaprosports specialises in ultralight hiking gear, so don’t forget to check out your other essential hiking gear.

If you are going camping at a dedicated campsite instead, the weight will be less critical because you would not have to carry your sleeping mats or foam camping mats around. In this case, you can opt for a thicker camping sleeping mat with a higher R-value. Check out our guide in selecting the best hiking sleeping mat in Australia to find out which one offers insulation and comfort, guaranteeing exceptional sleep during your outdoor adventure!

Make sure you haven't missed out on picking up good camping pillows and sleeping bags for a great night's sleep and all sleeping comfort essentials. Sleep comfortably in our hiking tents.

Novaprosports specialises in ultralight hiking & camping outdoor gear that is high quality, field-tested & highly affordable, including sleeping bags and self inflating mat, and foam mats - we love providing excellent value for money to our customers. We are the sole distributor in Australia of the highly beloved Naturehike range of hiking & camping gear. Enjoy ultra-fast delivery from Somerton throughout Australia, 30 day returns & super helpful, accommodating customer care team. All our hiking tents & wetsuits come with one year warranty. So shop comfortably & safely with us today. 




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I Need A Sleeping Mat?

A sleeping mat is one of the essential pieces of equipment and an indispensable piece of camping gear to consider when going camping. It protects you in many environmental and weather conditions and provides insulation and cushioning between you and the ground underneath, guaranteeing your body's warmth and back comfort while lying on the ground. That means having a good time in the wilderness with comfort and ease doing the camping activities.

What Does A Sleeping Mat Do?

The sleeping mat's primary purpose is to provide cushioning, padding and thermal insulation. It can not only save our tiredness but also protect our bones. They work to prevent the body from coming into direct contact with the cold, hard ground and away from sharp objects when and where necessary on outings or camping trips. That allows comfort during sleeping, getting a good rest and avoiding flaws between limbs.

How Thick Should A Sleeping Mat Be?

Professionals estimate that the standard thickness of a sleeping mat should be 2.5 inches on average, but it could be thicker, like 3 or 4 inches, depending on the users' preference. In some cases, and for some campers' body shapes, the reasonable one could be thicker or thinner. Some campers prefer the thicker sleeping mat due to its cushion and heat insulation. Some like it to be lighter to lay flat on and be connected more to the ground.