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When you’re going hiking, you’ll need a hiking backpack that is lightweight so that it doesn’t wear you down while you’re lugging all that hiking gear and scaling that mountain, large enough to contain all your belongings and hiking essentials such as hiking tents, yet sturdy enough to last you for many happy hiking trips. Novaprosports stocks high quality hiking backpacks with consideration given to light weight, functionality and value. Lightweight is a crucial factor when taking your belongings on your hiking trips. Our hiking backpacks are also well designed to have increased ventilation at the back so that perspiration doesn’t get trapped in between the back and the hiking backpack, and they also distribute the weight in the hiking backpack well to provide excellent support to the back throughout your hiking journey.

Pack up your trekking backpacks & off you hike! We've also got hydration packs, lightweight sleeping mats and sleeping bags essential for your hiking adventures. Most of our extreme ultralight hiking tents can fit into your hiking bags too.