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Are Tents Waterproof? A Guide To Staying Dry

When you have planned a wonderful camping trip for yourself, you would want nothing to occur that can ruin it. However, heavy rainfall and a leaky tent are dangerous combinations that can ruin your entire trip. You might believe the tent is waterproof, but it is more complex, as only some tents are waterproof. Very few tents are completely waterproof, and the rest are water-resistant.  

A water-resistant tent can delay water penetration but does not prevent it. The waterproof rating of a tent helps to comprehend how waterproof a tent is. This article highlights the elements that make a tent waterproof and even talks about some best tents for camping.


What is a Waterproof Tent?

Manufacturers make the waterproof tent of a fabric that helps prevent water from getting inside the tent. However, the material only lasts for a while. Therefore, the degree to which a waterproof tent prevents water from seeping in also depends upon the fabric used. In addition, manufacturers use polyurethane to coat the folds and tape the tent's seams in a waterproof tent. Therefore, waterproof rating plays a vital role in identifying a tent's exact level of waterproofing capability.


What is a Waterproof Rating?

Professionals measure the waterproof rating for a tent in millimetres, which helps to identify a tent's waterproofing level. If the waterproof rating is high, the tent will have more resistance against water, proving to be more waterproof. A hydrostatic head test is employed to measure the rating, but it does not consider wind-driven rain while taking the measurements.  

The HH or hydrostatic head of a tent helps you to understand how well it can prevent water from getting inside. The test measures millimetres and identifies the amount of water the tent fabric can resist or prevent seeping in when it rains heavily. For example, if a tent fabric has a 1000 HH, it can hold a water column of 1000mm, and anything above that will seep through.  

When camping or hiking, purchasing a tent that suits the weather is essential. Along with looking for a lightweight tent in Australia, you should also consider the waterproof rating of the tent. The lowest rating is around 1000 HH, and anything lower than that will not fall under the category of a waterproof tent. However, if you are travelling in the season of monsoon, then you should opt for a tent with a higher waterproof rating since 1000 HH is suitable for keeping you dry during light showers.


Cloud Up 3 - 2.3 Kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Green Upgraded


What is the Waterproof Coating?

Waterproof coating refers to the material manufacturers use to coat the tent folds. Silicone and polyurethane are the most common coatings which offer a thin waterproof film layer to the tent. The coatings enhance the HH rating but can add weight and are expensive.


Is a Tent with a Higher HH always Better?

People who understand the concept of HH ratings feel that a tent with a higher rating is comparatively better since it can withstand heavy rainfall. It is better in some cases; however, you should also consider that a tent with low HH can keep you dry. Hikers constantly expose tents to rough winds, sunlight, and abrasion. A tent with a higher HH rating will have a rigid and heavy fabric which can cause tiring situations since you will need to carry it around.  

It is also vital to remember that if the tent's stitching is improper or the seams are not taped or sealed correctly, a tent fabric with a high HH rating may also be prone to leakage. The tents available at Novapro Sports are entirely safe and fantastic for your trip. They offer one, two, and three-person tents, so you can have the benefit of choosing the right one. Furthermore, their tents are waterproof as they use fabrics with high HH ratings and ensure that the stitching and taping are proper. So, if you want to buy the best hiking tents in Australia, then Novapro Sports is the right choice.


Which Tents are Suitable for Which Conditions?

While picking out waterproof tents for camping, there are specific guidelines that you can follow. For example, the tent's floor has high ratings compared to the rest of the tent body as it takes the weight of the campers while being in constant contact with the rough or damp ground. Therefore, before purchasing a tent, consider your camping season and gain insight into the local conditions of your camping area. Suitable camping gear allows you to enjoy adventurous hiking or peaceful camping without hindrance. So, pick out the right tent and save yourself from sleeping in a tent that is dripping water.  

At Novapro Sports, you can gain a comprehensive range of unique waterproof tents that can be suitable for usage in all four seasons of the year. Manufacturers designed them using comfortable equipment for your safety and comfort.


Available Products

Speedy 3 - 2.4 Kg Hiking Tent – Amber


Speedy 3 - 2.4 Kg Hiking Tent - Amber


This ultralight tent is waterproof, highly durable, and has a PU 3000mm coating. It is a three-person tent and can be easily stored and used in almost every weather condition. In addition, the tent only weighs 2.4 Kg and has a free-standing design, which provides plenty of space. Therefore, it is one of the ideal tents for camping.


Illumina X - 1.55 Kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Amber


Illumina X - 1.55 Kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Amber


Are you looking for the best hiking tents in Australia? Then your search ends here. This ultralight hiking tent weighs under 2kg and is highly affordable. It is a 2-person tent with double layers and a high waterproofing rating. Assembling the tent is extremely easy, and you can use it throughout the year in all four seasons. The tent even comes in a compact bag for travelling, making it easy for you to carry it around on your hiking trip.

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