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Camping Chair

A Camping chair is perfect for use in outdoor adventures, events, sporting events, at the beach, music festivals, picnics, relaxing at the lakes, and on any camping trip. They can also be a great companion to other camping tools and sets. If you are driving to your destination, you can opt for folding camp chairs with all the bells and whistles such as sleeping bags, drink holders or a cup holder, and any side table you carry with you.


Camping Chairs Selections

Camping chairs are soft carry cases and lightweight for easy transport. They are exceptionally comfortable, stable, compact and easily portable folding. Their folding design makes them easy to carry into the woods, campsite or even fit into a backpack. These quad fold chairs are easy to assemble and feature a contoured seat/back and polyester oxford fabric that is easy to clean and maintain and allows quick drying during wet weather. They are also constructed well with a rust-proof aluminium and wood frame that supports up to 150 KG.


Novapro Sports Camping Chairs 

Need a comfortable place to sit when you're out in the "Great Outdoors"? Our best camping chair is just what you need! They are comfortable and sturdy, lightweight, and strong enough for when you need to lean back. We have a broad and great range of hiking chairs like lounge chairs, sun chairs, moon chairs and beach chairs.

Our Camping Chair is also a perfect gift too for any camping enthusiast in your life. Designed to be lightweight and easy to carry with bright colours, it can fit two people comfortably with zero hassle if you're looking for an incredibly comfortable spot located anywhere from a campsite to a backyard BBQ or picnic date, whether a beach chair or a moon chair, check out our newest luxury accessory at our category shop!


How to Choose the Right Camping Chair?

When choosing a camp chair, consider the following factors:

1. End-Use

For backpacking, weight and packed size are the key stats. However, for front country camping, comfort is what matters most.


2. Size/Height

If you need a roomy camp chair, bigger is better. Low chairs are excellent for concerts and uneven or sandy terrain. High chairs are easier to get in and out of.


3. Design Preference

Options include classic, two-legged, three-legged, rocker, glider, and more. If an innovative chair is intriguing, give it a sit test before you buy it.


Where can I find out more information? Drop us an email, contact us online via Live Chat or call our hotline to speak directly with the friendly customer service. 




The Ultimate Camping Checklist

This article will provide you the camping checklist for those looking to take on a group camping holiday.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I choose a camping chair?

When choosing a camping chair, you should consider certain factors: (1) End Use & Trip Type: Is it for backpacking, front country camping or a campfire event? For backpacking, weight, portability and packed size are the critical factors. For front country and campfire events, comfort is ideal. (2) Size & Height: Low camping chairs fit for concerts and sandy areas; high ones are easier to get in and out of. (3) Design Preference & Durability: Many design options like classic, two or three-legged, rocker, glider and more. The frame determines the chair's durability, whether metal or plastic. (4) The Fabric: Most are made from canvas, nylon, mesh and other materials. The fabric determines how much weight the chair can hold and how hot or cold it gets in the sun or shade.

How to store camping chairs?

Firstly before storing the chair, ensure it is clean and dry. Use a soft cloth to remove dirt or grime from the chair's fabric or any part. Secondly, fold the chair, wrap the straps around the chair seat, and remove all the accessories. Bundle all loose materials together, then tie them tightly with a rope. Thirdly, place all the items into a pillowcase or a bag. Finally, store it in a dry place such as an attic, basement, garage, crawl space, car, shed, under a bed or inside a closet to protect it from dirt, dust, moisture or humidity.

How to clean camping chairs?

(1) Use a brush or a sponge and a mild soap solution to remove all the loose dirt, grime or debris from the chair. (2) Mix 1 part warm water and 1 part vinegar in a spray bottle and apply it to your chair's fabric with a sponge or cloth. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before wiping any excess liquid with a clean towel or rag. (3) If there are stains or smells on the chair's fabric, sprinkle baking soda over them before applying the vinegar and water mixture. That will help remove odours if they are present. (4) Allow the chair to dry thoroughly before using it again.