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So you just bought a new Naturehike hydration bladder and you’re excited to take it out on the trail. You start to think to yourself; Should I wash my hydration bladder before using it? The answer is yes! Before using your hydration reservoir you should definitely clean it out. If you don’t clean out the reservoir it will taste like plastic. 

How to Clean a Hydration Bladder

You might be thinking, “how does something we fill with clean water ever need cleaning?” But bacteria and mold are resourceful little buggers, and will inevitably find their way into your hydration pack. The best defense is to clean it regularly. It’s not hard to do, but the shapes are awkward and it helps if you have the right supplies and know a few tips.

Cleaning Tablets: The easiest method to clean with impressive results. Cleaning tablets will clean out even the dirtiest hydration bladder. 

Household bleach: Kills bacteria and viruses. Use 2 to 5 drops of unscented household bleach per liter of water. Note that you can combine bleach and baking soda together for a more thorough cleaning.

Baking soda: An all-around cleaner that’s effective against odors. Mix ¼ cup of baking soda in ¾ cups of water per liter of volume in your reservoir. Baking soda and lime juice form a chemical reaction that will effectively clean out your hydration bladder. 

Soap and Water: Soap and water is the least effective cleaning method on this list, but it’s the easiest. Without mold, you can typically get away with hot water and a little dish soap.

Once we have done with any of these cleaning methods, now is time to air drying your hydration pack! Disassemble all pieces (tube, reservoir and bite valve). Place your reservoir on its hanger, or set it upright to dry and we're already good to go!

Make drinking convenient and efficient, these hydration bladders allow you to take a sip of water without stopping, or even slowing down. Drink or dispense water with one hand, clean your gear after a hike, run, or ride, or quickly rinse yourself or a pet off after an adventure with these leakproof, versatile, high quality hydration packs. Don't forget to check out our camping gear collection and pick up a few other camping essentials!


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