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How to Choose a Backpacking Tent?

How to Choose a Backpacking Tent?

While choosing a backpacking tent, the most important buying decisions include the budget, the pack weight and the shelter chosen. They come in a variety of designs that vary from mansion-esque to minimalist. You can make the decision based on the capacity that depends on the number of sleepers. The tent’s construction should be according to the expected weather of the location and the season of backpacking. The weight of the tent can be decided by the amount of money being spent on it. The interior space of the backpacking tent is important as well, including the ease of access and easy setup. 


The Capacity of the Tent: 

Backpacking tents are usually categorized by the capacity that varies from 1 to 4 person models. Tent interiors are cozy that helps in saving weight. The 2-person tent can also vary in size depending on the brand. The ultralight tents are extra compact, comparatively. When looking for a tent with extra space, it is better to look for a higher capacity, i.e., three people going for a 4-person tent. If more floor space is a priority, then it is better to compare the dimensions of the tents you are considering. 


Seasonality of the Backpacking Tent: 

The main choice will be between a tent that is three seasons and one that is a 4 season tent. The newcomers especially will prefer the three-season tent. The weather scenarios will not be the same during every trip. The hikers that take trips frequently own more than one tent at times. For more info, check out the comparison 3-Season Vs 4-Season Tents.


3 Season Backpacking Tents:

Keep the weight low and handle a wide range of conditions, including spring, summer and fall. Three-season tents can withstand light snow and downpour but are not the right choice for harsh storms, heavy snow or violent winds. The mesh panels boost the airflow that helps in keeping the insects out. The walls are upright, which creates more headroom in the interior. The tent also comes with fewer poles and fabrics that are light which helps in keeping the weight low. 


3+ Season Tents: 

These tents are suitable for summers and can be used in early spring and end of fall due to snow chances. It is made with fabric panels that include zips to keep the snow out and keep the tent warm. It has more poles than the 3- season tent to add up more strength


4- Season Tents for Mountaineers:

These winter tents are specifically made to withstand harsh weather and snow loads. They have less ventilation and can get stuffy in mild weather. It comes with more poles and heavier fabrics. The design is usually of a dome to sustain the wind, and flat surfaces may end up collecting snow. They include lightweight single wall pens that are waterproof and breathable with no rain fly. Humid conditions can lead to the accumulation of condensation on the inside, which is why single-wall tents are best for dry and cold conditions only.


Weight of the Backpacking Tent: 

Weight is a very important component and is considered by designers as they tend to keep the weight low. To keep the weight low, compromises are made when it comes to space, features and durability. However, it is possible to find a lightweight, roomy tent and comfortable to you. Heavy-duty materials lead to a more durable tent, but ultralight tents too can be very sturdy. Premium ultralight tents cost higher but come with ultra-light yet strong material. 



Livability is used to describe the time spent inside the tent as more enjoyable. The livability largely depends on how roomy or cramped your tent feels. The tents traditionally have sloped walls and minimal space for the floors, with hardly any head. However, lately, tents feel more inviting and open due to more advancement in designs and material. This comes with a lightweight. 


Some of the Best Hiking Tents Australia Products Available: 

Cloud Up 3 - 20D Ultralight Hiking Tent:

Image from: Cloud Up 3 - 20D Ultralight Hiking Tent


It is one of the best-hiking tent for three people. It weighs only 2kgs and has 1.2 square meters of space on the floor. The high-quality tent is waterproof, has adjustable shelters designed with a front entry, and can withstand any weather condition. It comes with a protective groundsheet that will provide additional protection against the weather. Made of nylon, this tent is suitable for backpacking, thru-hiking, base camping etc. It comes in a Nylon Gray Color. 


Opalus 3 Hiking Tent:

Image from: Opalus 3 Hiking Tent


It is a new addition in the category of hiking tent for three people. It is a four-season tent that is great for withstanding all weather conditions. Also, it weighs 2.7kgs and has a double-layer design with a front entrance and a water resistance design. The ability to be free-standing and the other features make it a good choice for any outing. It is made of nylon and is available in green color. 


Speedy 4 Hiking Tent:

Image from: Speedy 4 Hiking Tent


This is a lightweight hiking tent for four people and is a 3 season tent as well. It is most suitable for beginners as it is roomy with two doors and a vestibule that makes it easy to get in and out. Along with this, it also has great gear storage. It has excellent headroom and will have plenty of space even for stargazing at night. The tent is waterproof and is ultralight, weighing 2.8 kg with adjustable ventilations. This freestanding tent is made of polyester fabric and comes in a Lime Green color. 



With the above factors to consider and the following options, it should become easier to choose the best hiking tents in Australia that will suit your backpacking with the best. It is very important to plan what type of tent you will need for your trip to make the perfect choice. There are many options to choose from, and hence you should be able to make the perfect choice for yourself.


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