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Why Do Tents Have Two Layers?

The concept of camping is interconnected with tents and other camping gear. The tent is a vital camping gear that hikers require. They come in different variations of size, material, weight, color, etc. However, despite the variations, hiking tents are mostly divided into two types, i.e., single-walled tents and double-walled tents. Now, you might wonder why tents have two walls, if one is enough? Well, the outer wall of a tent protects it from the air, water, and other elements by using extra-durable material.

On the other hand, the inner layer is more breathable, allows better ventilation inside the tent, and prevents the build-up of condensation. But hikers usually prefer lightweight hiking tents for having a light backpack, and hence the question of why double-walled tents are so popular remains. However, if you want to buy tents online, this blog is for you. Here we will uncover the details regarding a double-walled tent and state their benefits and drawbacks. 


Double-walled Tents; What Are They? 

As stated, before and as the name resembles, a double-walled tent refers to a tent that has two layers. They are known as the tent body and the rainfly. You can identify the tent body as the inner layer of the tent, and it is the basis of the structure of the tent and creates the sleeping area. The rainfly, on the other hand, is the outer section. It covers the tent body and provides protection from air, water, and other elements. 

The double-layered tents are mainly constructed to achieve better breathability and become more waterproof. The tent body uses breathable materials but cannot provide protection from water, whereas the rainfly material is not breathable but waterproof. In the market, materials that can provide both benefits are available and used to create single-layered tents. However, using the materials separately provides efficiency and allows them to perform their best individually.

By using them as two layers, they can complement each other as well. The tent body allows the moisture vapor to escape to reduce condensation inside the tent, and the rainfly prevents precipitation. Additionally, the gap between the two materials allows airflow that limits the condensation from building up, and hence the tent remains cool on the inside. 

Single-layered tents sometimes use 100% waterproof materials that negatively influence the breathability of the material. They indeed use tough fabrics that provide both the benefits of a double-walled tent; however, the application of the benefits is lesser than a double-layered tent.


Benefits of Using a Double-walled Tent 

Double-walled tents usually have various benefits. The two major ones include its amazing breathability and waterproofness ability. However, they are not the only benefits that a double-walled tent has. The other benefits are:

Durable and long-lasting:

Double-walled tents are more durable since they have sturdy poles, as their weight is not an important factor of consideration. They have a second layer of protection that allows them to last for a long period of time. With the additional layer, they are stronger as well. If the outer layer, i.e., the rainfly, happens to be damaged while providing protection, you can easily replace it for a low cost rather than purchasing a new one. 


A double-walled hiking tent is among the best hiking tents Australia due to its excess storage. They have a vestibule area present between the tent body and rainfly, which boosts the space inside the tent, and hikers can easily store their excess gear outside their sleeping area. 

Moisture and ventilation:

Compared to single-walled tents, a lightweight hiking tent with two layers provide better ventilation. By having a separate layer of waterproof material, the inner area of the tent becomes extra breathable and provides extra mesh as well. Apart from ventilation, the moisture management of a double-walled tent is also amazing. It limits the build-up of condensation and prevents precipitation with the help of the breathable inner body. The gap between the layers allows the moisture to escape and prevents it from accumulating on the tent. 


Guylines of the tent will allow your tent to remain stable, and they will maintain the distance between the layers of the tent accurately and will allow you to have proper ventilation inside the tent. 


Drawbacks of Using a Double-walled Tent


Having an ultralight 2-person tent is ideal for long backpacking trips since your backpack weight will remain light. However, purchasing double-walled tents can lead you to sacrifice your plans for having a lighter backpack. There have been advancements in tent technology that have helped to make tents lightweight, but still, single-walled tents are much lighter than double-walled ones.

Excess time consumption during setup:

Double-walled tents require extra effort and time to set it up properly. The guy lines and rainfly need to be put up correctly for proper use. You need to be attentive and adjust everything accordingly to prevent storms or heavy rainfall issues. The rainfly, especially, needs special attention since if you set it up too close to the tent body, then there will be ventilation issues. Keep an eye out if it rains since the rainfly tends to stretch when it gets wet and hence may require readjustment. Therefore, the setting up process can be tricky and time-consuming. 

    Available Products 

    Cloud Up 2 - 1.8kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Amber Upgraded

    Image From: Cloud Up 2 - 1.8kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Amber Upgraded


    It is an ultralight 2-person tent that has a total weight of 1.8 kg. The tent is double-layered and comes with zipper windows for additional airflow. It is a freestanding tent and is easy to set up. Available in the materials of polyester and nylon and comes in various colors. 


    Illumina X - 1.55kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Amber

    Image From: Illumina X - 1.55kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Amber


    This is a two-person double-walled tent that has a total weight of 1.55 kg. It is extremely affordable and offers amazing features making it one of the best hiking tents Australia. Available in two colors, the tent is suitable for sunny, mildly snowy, and rainy weather. 



    Double-walled tents are beneficial and offer various amazing features. Therefore, if you want to buy tents online, then purchasing a double-walled tent is the best option. The weight and complicated setup are some drawbacks, but the amazing benefits can surely cover them up. 


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