Are you an influencer, blogger, photographer or just starting out?


Intererested to help us build a community for outdoor enthusiasts who love nature and be a part of us?

Contact us at and tell us about your skills! Share with us your instagram, blog - any creatives you can contribute for us for the long term.

What are we looking for?

  • Photos from your trips
  • Articles from your adventures to share with our community
  • Our product reviews in video form generated by you
  • Our product photos generated by you
  • Expert articles and tips on hiking / trail trekking 


What do you get in return?

  • We send out sample products to you as and when we have overstocks
  • You get an exclusive annual discount purchase as a sponsored influencer
  • You must actively contribute to our community and creatives


Qualification process:

Send us a cover to let us know what you do, how you will contribute. We are looking for serious and active outdoor lovers only. The numbers of applicants we accept are also limited depending on availability. 


Looking forward to meet you!

Novaprosports Team