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Product Review: Mongar Hiking Tent

Finding the perfect tent is necessary for every hiker, and we have been coming up with the best hiking tents of all time. With time we are getting even better. Regular hikers would know about our famous lightweight Hiking Tents. They are lightweight and come with a two-person capacity. 


Things you must know about our Mongar Hiking Tent

Professionals consider Mongar Tent to be the best hiking tent so far. There has to be, so the reason behind people's love for this tent. The most exciting feature of the Mongar Tents is their lightweight. Whenever we are hiking, we all know the luggage has to be carried on our shoulders, making it pick lightweight stuff to save our back. A tent is one of the most necessary elements for hiking, and getting such a light hiking tent is no less than a blessing.

There are a lot more exciting factors about the Mongar Hiking Tent. Buying an expensive tent brings in some expectations of quality and longevity. Therefore, investing in these Mongar Tents will not disappoint you. Along with being lightweight, they come with ample space inside. For two adults, the room is more than enough. Manufacturers make the 2 person tent so that air cross circulation is pretty well. You won't feel sweating hot even if it is summer. 

The best part is the two doors that make the tent feel spacious even more when it is open. You can hang out with your hiking group while sitting inside the tent. Enjoy the rains with open doors. There is a lot that you can do with these Tents. 

Because of the material used in these Tents, you can use it in all three seasons. So it will be with you on multiple treks. So, gear up. It's your turn to get your hands on these Mongar Tents. Well, now we have an upgrade, which is more exciting. If you have been looking for the lightest hiking tent, which has all the features of our Mongar tent, then you will be amazed to read the following.


Mongar 1.9kg Ultralight Hiking Tent – Light Grey

Image from: Mongar 1.9kg Ultralight Hiking Tent – Light Grey


Why do you need an upgrade?

Whenever you feel that this product is the best and get used to it, you feel the need for more. We have had encounters where people ask, "Can you make the tent a bit lighter "That motivates us to make the better product the best. That is why we have come up with the upgrade of a more lightweight tent now. 


Difference between the Mongar Tent and the Upgraded version of it:

  • The primary difference is the lightweight. People often want to cut off the Tents weight as they cannot cut off other hiking gear. To make it convenient for you all, we have come up with this lighter version of the original Mongar tent. So far, it is the most lightweight tent that you will find.
  • Even after being light, the tent does not lack, and it is quality. Instead, the new Mongar Tent feature is better than the previous one. The material used is 15D Nylon, lightweight and suitable for all weather.
  • The Upgraded Mongar Tents are affordable for every regular hiker as they can serve all three seasons. If you have already faced issues with Tents ripping off after one season, this is the right solution.


What about fly waterproofing in these upgraded versions of Mongar Tent?

If that is a big concern for you, the only con in these upgraded versions is the waterproof index. 

In the previous Mongar Tents, the waterproof index was PU4000MM, and now in the updated version, the waterproof index is PU2000MM which is almost half of the previous one. But this won't be a problem in different seasons. Only a few seasons or locations can be difficult with this tent.


The choice is in your hand; you will choose the one that suits you better, What about colour?

We are the magicians when it comes to coming up with fun colours for our Tents. Most of the Tents that you will see on the market have almost similar colour palettes, but in our collection, you will find the most fantastic collection of Tents in bright colours. We also have basic black and grey, but we encourage you to try out the fun colours. Trek is like a therapeutic vacation for many, and you can make it more exciting with our colourful Tents.

These two-person Tents are the most amazing things you will ever invest in them. If you love hiking, then these products are worth your investment. So hurry up, grab some great tents, and get ready for the next trek.


Available Products

Mongar 1.9kg Ultralight Tent – Green


Mongar 1.9kg Ultralight Tent – Green

Image from: Mongar 1.9kg Ultralight Tent – Green 


These ultralight hiking tents come in green colour, which can add fun to your trekking experience. This tent comes with two layers, making it more robust, but it weighs about 1.9kg only. That is the ideal lightweight hiking tent that you will find best for yourself and someone with you because it can accommodate two adults. 


Mongar 1.6kg Ultralight Double Tent - Integrated Edition


Mongar 1.6kg Ultralight Double Tent - Integrated Edition

Image from: Mongar 1.6kg Ultralight Tent - Integrated Edition 


This integrated ultralight tent weighs about 1.6kg, reducing weight while carrying hiking gear. So, it's time to gear up with some new fun products for the next hike. You can always find unique colours in this collection and go with these classic blue colours. 



Hiking tents are not tricky to choose from them. You must know your requirements, and you are good to go. Find the best hiking tents here. You are getting everything you want as a hiker. It starts with having a lightweight tent that comes in fun colours. Moreover, it has two layers for protection that you can set up and dismantle easily. Also, it is easy to carry and clean, and you can use it for multiple seasons. 

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