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What is the Sleeping Bag?

The perfect sleeping bag is essential for every outdoor trip. You want a comfortable, good night's sleep after hiking, camping, or bike packing outdoors after a long day. You can huddle up in a synthetic sleeping bag without being too hot or not warm enough, and something that you won't regret carrying around when you're hiking or cycle touring because it's too heavy and provides warmth. We have a variety of sleeping bags that come in plenty and a full range of styles, shapes, prices, temperature ratings, and options that you can choose from our category shop.

You need a perfect rest for any adventure with a compact sleeping bag. It provides insulation that facilitates undisturbed slumber even in unexpected weather conditions. They provide maximum warmth in cold weather and help vent heat on warm nights and different temperature rating conditions. You can buy it for yourself or as a birthday gift or as one of the Christmas gifts for any of your friends, family or relatives. 

How to choose a suitable ultralight sleeping bag for you?

While going through popular searches for lightweight sleeping bags, there are several questions you should consider when choosing the best-designed sleeping bags that suit your needs, including features like zipper length, warmth to weight ratios, shell fabric, body heat, and high quality materials and other features. Our "How To Choose A Sleeping Bag For Backpacking" blog can help you find a solution that fits your needs.

1. What is the temperature or climate you're spending the night?

Are you sleeping in a cold climate, the winter or summer? Depending on the season, terrain, and geographical demographics you are hiking in, you need a lightweight sleeping bag for summer and a hot, good, quality winter sleeping bag for cold nights during the winter season. We have the unique Ultralight Duck Mummy Compact Down Sleeping Bag that insulates your body temperature very well and keeps you warm for temperatures as low as -14°C, yet super lightweight at the same time. It is best used in the snow, up in the mountains in the winter. This winter sleeping bag is not a good idea to use in warm destinations - too hot, and you'll be sweating your way and miss a good night's sleep.
We also offer other excellent winter sleeping bags that can stand temperatures as low as 5 Celcius. Besides being ultralight, our Sea to Summit ultralight bags are highly compressible compact sleeping bags, so they are very packable down to a compact size.
On the other hand, Novaprosports stocks ultralight summer sleeping bags that are also great compact sleeping bags - they can be packed down small to fit into your hiking backpack with ease. Great as hiking sleeping bags or lightweight camping sleeping bags. Most sleeping bags are ideal for bedding in the jungles as they are lightweight and include lightweight gadgets like sleeping bag liners and light accessories.

2. Are you adventuring solo or with a partner or your family?

If you're hiking or bike-touring solo, it doesn't make sense to lug around the unnecessary weight of a 3 person family or couples sleeping bag. Instead, keep your weight to a minimum and pack compact to save valuable space. On the other hand, if you're travelling with a partner or with one or two kids, you have the option to carry multiple one-person sleeping bags or save space weight with just couples' sleeping bags that can fit your partner or your kids - everybody cozies up for a good night's sleep!

You can enjoy a sweet and long-term relationship with your sleeping bag. However, proper care is vital for keeping it as cozy and comfortable as possible. Check out our guide on how to wash a sleeping bag today to ensure you are treating it right.

3. What sort of ground are you laying on your sleeping bag?

Are you sleeping on an airbed or on the ground where sticks and stones might be protruding? If you're sleeping on an airbed, your sleeping bag can afford to be not too thick, whereas if you're sleeping on the ground with just a sleeping mat between your sleeping bag and the earth, you would need a more cushiony, thicker sleeping bag to be comfortable.

4. Are you going camping, hiking, or cycle touring?

With this consideration, that means weight becomes a crucial factor when picking up your outdoor gear. For example, suppose you'll be on the move while carrying your sleeping bag and other hiking essentials. In that case, it's essential to have an ultralight sleeping bag that is also compressible to help you save space pack easily. On the other hand, if you're going camping onsite while carrying your camping gear in your vehicle, your camping goods, including your sleeping pad and sleeping bag, do not have to be very lightweight in exchange for comfort. In short, if you're going camping while carrying your outdoor camping goods in your vehicle, you are allowed more flexibility in terms of the weight of your sleeping bag.

Novapro Sports Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags

Novaprosports offers good quality sleeping bags that are suitable whether you're going camping, hiking, backpacking, or under various temperature conditions. We stock light summer sleeping bags, thick ultralight winter down sleeping bags, lightweight duck down mummy sleeping bags and any ultralight mummy bags, and lightweight synthetic sleeping bags, to name a few. We also stock the hard-to-finds - family and couples' sleeping bags! For an essential good night's sleep, don't forget our lightweight, good quality sleeping mats and camping pillows. Sleeping mats provide more cushions for your back for better sleep. Sweet Dreams!
Buy and shop sleeping bags today from Novaprosports & enjoy super fast delivery on your sleeping bags Australia wide from Melbourne, free delivery for all orders above $170, 30 days return beneficial accommodating customer care. We also provide a 1-year warranty on all tents' wetsuits. So shop safely and comfortably with us today.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the types of sleeping bags?

There are various sleeping bags according to seasons, temperature ratings, insulation type and bag shape aspects. They can be fixed with one or more of the following properties. According to seasons, there are three-season, winter and summer sleeping bags. Sleeping bags classified according to temperature ratings are upper-limit, comfort and lower-limit sleeping bags. For insulation, there are two types: down and synthetic sleeping bags. There are mummy, rectangular and semi-rectangular sleeping bags for the bag shapes.

What is the difference between a sleeping bag and a sleeping quilt?

They are different in design and insulation aspects. In terms of design, sleeping bags are narrow at the feet, wider at the shoulders, and have a hood around the head. They are from thinner shell materials, higher-fill-power down, half-length zippers, and smaller dimensions. Sleeping quilts are made without a hood or a back and come with a foot box, and some have sleeping pad attachments. In terms of weight, sleeping quilts are pretty lighter than sleeping bags. However, in terms of warmth, sleeping bags are the winners. They provide much more insulation than sleeping quilts due to their draft-free design that encloses the body entirely.

How to wash a sleeping bag?

It is best always to keep your sleeping bag dry and clean. It would help if you washed it either by machine or hand. By machine, you need to use a front-loading washer with a large capacity, choose the right cleaner for each sleeping bag type, use a gentle cycle with warm water and later, you need to use a dryer or squeeze it out, and let it to dry on a clean surface. By hand, you need to fill your bathtub with warm water, use a cleaner fit for the bag type, soak and rub the dirty area, make sure the soap has reached the entire bag parts, and then dry it the same way mentioned above.