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Whip up gourmet meals to satisfy the hunger of a group of hikers or campers with camping pots & cooking sets from Novaprosports. Designed to withstand years and years of service, our compact camping cooking sets are lightweight yet reliable – perfect for the camping minimalist looking to shave weight without limiting the menu. They are fully integrated, giving you all the ultralight essentials for outdoor cooking in your unforgettable camping trip. Don't forget to pick up our lightweight, portable camping cutlery sets.

Aluminum Pot Cooking? Is it Really Safe? 

Aluminum cookware is generally safe as long as you are not cooking acid or alkaline foods.

Guide to Camping Cookware: What Should You Be Looking For?

To help you make the decision, we will focus on a few important factors helping us differentiate between them.

We all want to carry as light a load as possible. Unlike kitchen cookware, pots, pans and dishes meant for camping, hiking, kayaking and other adventure sports are built to travel. They often feature lightweight materials and multifunction parts; they can also come with insulated, fold-away handles or removable handles for carrying hot pots. Ideally, they're compact, easy to carry and clean and tough enough to stand up to weather, backcountry use and nontraditional cleaning methods.

Some kinds of cookware boast better durability than others and will maintain their looks and functionality for longer. We want gear that can serve us for years to come – especially if we were to pay the higher end price.

Even for car campers, portability is still a high priority. After all, if this didn't matter, you'd just bring your normal kitchen cooking gear each time you decided to rough it. The best camp cookware sets should feature the ability to either pack down and store into an easy-to-stow bag/box or have all components store together as one unit.

Cooking Time
Various materials have different conduction of heat and as such, differ in the time needed to bring water to boil. With regards to camping cookware, the better the heat conductivity, the better and the more evenly your food will cook. It also allows the pot in question to respond quicker to any heat changes, making accurately controlling heat whilst cooking that much easier.

Choose from camping utensils available in different colours & a camping cooking set of pots and pans. Don't forget to pick up our portable camping tables on which to eat your delicious camping meals or place your camping cookware.