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Waterproof dry bag is a great storage space designed to protect your belongings with a watertight seal, making them the ideal pack for water sports enthusiasts. Perfect for a day out on the water, whether you’re sailing, boating or kayaking, dry bag will keep your valuables safe from water damage. Novaprosports stocks high-quality dry backpacks with consideration given to lightweight, functionality and value. Lightweight is a crucial factor when taking your belongings on your hiking trips. Dry bags are also useful for keeping your contents dry and safe during a camping or hiking adventure.

Surprising Use For A Dry Bag

Can you wash a dry bag? Yes, of course. Keep this in mind: Even the best-made gear will have a shorter lifespan if it isn’t properly taken care of. Most dirt can be removed from dry sacks and stuff sacks by simply hosing them out. For more stubborn stains, you can wash the pack with soap though it is recommended to avoid putting them through a washing machine in case it damages the water-resistant material. Rinse them thoroughly and air-dry them.

Managing Laundry
Keeping dirty clothes separated from clean clothes might prove to be annoying when you’re living without a suitcase, especially if clothes are soiled or wet. You may simply separate your wet clothes from other clean clothes. This way we can perfectly seal and trap all the stinky stuff inside your dry bag, saving your nose from sniffing extraordinary scents.

Emergency Pillow
Imagine that your camping pillow is leaking halfway through your camping trip & you don't want to spend the rest of the nights sleeping on the rough ground without a pillow. Now there is nothing to worry about! You can catch a nap wherever you are by creating a makeshift inflatable pillow out of your dry bag. It doesn’t need much air, and all you have to do is just fold the top a couple of times and clip it together to make it somewhat inflatable.  

Water Bucket
Did you know you can turn your dry bag into a bucket? Well, when you are camping in the wild, take the empty bag to a river or stream and fill it to the brim with water to return to camp. Novaprosports stocks high-quality folding water buckets too for holding water to transport around your campsite, don't forget to check it out. Use it for washing up your dishes & other washing-up uses! Need to do a quick wash? Put your dirty clothes and some detergent inside the dry bag. Give some shake and rinse. Ta-daaa. Cleaner clothes.

Flotation Device
As this dry sacks floats as well, it also works as a clever floating device in an emergency situation. Use the waterproof bag to keep your electronic devices dry above you in the event of deep water penetration or when you need to swim across the sea/river with the whole body in water. Bright colour of our waterproof dry bags helps to make you as visible as possible in the water in case of emergency, never having to worry about being invisible in the ocean water or rivers. Interesting isn't it?

Fitness Equipment for Workout 
If you are in the mood for a workout while camping then filling up a waterproof dry bag with water should make it work as a temporary kettlebell. Simply add sand, water, or anything inside your dry bag to add weight to it. The best part of this is that you will know exactly how much weight you are lifting because 1 Liter of water would roughly weigh 1 KG, you can convert litres into the weight that you’re looking for.

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