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Hiking Gear: What to Bring on a Hike?

Hiking Gear: What to Bring on a Hike?

The most important part of choosing hiking gear is that it shouldn't burden you. It would help if you focused on only including the essentials and pack light. From lightweight tents to the clothes you carry, they all decide your hiking experience and determine the kind of equipment needed. It is essential to focus on the factors that will help you make your hiking checklist. 


The first step to buy the best hiking gear in Australia would be to:

1. Define the type of hike 

Before deciding what gear you should pack, and you should also know what kind of hike you will be doing. You should start by considering the type of hike you're going on and list the time, distance, technical difficulty, and climbing accordingly and the weather conditions. By understanding the nature of your hike and its climatic conditions, you will decide the gear and clothes you need to pack.


2. Duration of the hike

The essential equipment does not worry a lot between a half-day or a full-day hike. When it comes to a multi-day trek, the gear choices get a bit complex. First, you need to decide if you are packing a tent, a camping stove, or a sleeping bag. Then, your meals have to be determined, and the extra clothing layers that you will need. There is a lot of equipment to choose from; however, there is not much space to pack everything.


3. Distance and ascent 

The ascent and the distance will help you figure out the hike's difficulty. You have to decide how light you pack based on the hike's length and how much climbing it includes. With every pound you save during packing, you also save yourself some more energy on your legs to help you reach the end of the trail. 


4. Technical difficulty

You have to prepare your itinerary beforehand to avoid hiking into very technical terrain. You need to know the difference between hiking and mountaineering and choose accordingly as both have different requirements.


The factors that will affect your clothing choices: 

1. Climate

The climate will vary a lot between the coast and the mountains. You have to focus on protecting yourself from the heat or cold and the sun or the rain.


2. Season

Based on the climate, you can choose a suitable season for your hike. However, the conditions like snowy, hot, or cold might vary widely within the same itinerary.  


3. Weather

Before leaving for your hike, you should check the weather forecast of the day and for the period of your entire trek. If there is any chance of bad weather, you should make sure that you carry extra layers of clothing in the form of a waterproof jacket, rain pants, and a couple of changes of clothes. You can also buy a digitally adjustable wristband to have a check on the weather.


Essential equipment for Hiking: 

Hiking Backpack

Image from: Hiking Backpack Lightweight 55L


It is crucial to choose a lightweight hiking backpack to reduce the overall weight. You should select a backpack that will help you carry many hiking gear and be comfortable for you. Our hiking backpack lightweight 55L is very light and comfortable. It provides you with broad back support, and the mesh construction allows ventilation as well. Moreover, it focuses on making your excursion easier. It is made of a hundred percent nylon and weighs less than 2kgs. It is spacious and will fit all the essential items that you will require on your hiking trip.


Sleeping Bag

Image from: Compact Ultralight Sleeping Bag Naturehike 0.72kg


If you plan to hike overnight, it is vital to carry a lightweight sleeping bag to provide you with the comfort you need. Our ULG mummy goose sleeping bag, the mummy cut down sleeping bag for winters, is an ultralight construction with a sack compressible. A premium water resistance goose down provides excellent warmth to weight ratio. It is spacious and comes with a low profile below. Also, it is specially designed for cold weather conditions. It is an essential item that you should carry while hiking overnight in cold weather. 


Trekking Poles

Image from: Lightweight Trail Trekking Pole Adjustable


We offer 'lightweight rail tracking pole adjustable' available for both men and women. It is lightweight and has an adjustable length which allows you to move quickly along troublesome trails. Moreover, it has a fantastic grip and is non-slip. It is a three-section tracking poll that provides a durable flick log adjustability and is also shock resistant. The lightweight trail trekking pole is an essential piece of equipment for trails that are hard to cross.


Ultralight Tent 

Image from: Illumina X - 1.35kg Ultralight Hiking Tent


Our Illumina X 1.35kg Ultralight Hiking Tents’ is the perfect lightweight tent you need to carry for your hike. It is an ultralight 2-person hiking tent that is under 2kgs. It is a two-person tent that is double layered. You can also buy 4 person hiking tent that can be the perfect ultralight tent in Australia to carry that will be useful for all four seasons. It is an essential piece of equipment to have during your hike as it provides you with the utmost comfort that you require at the end of the day. It is spacious and will withstand extreme weather conditions as well.



Along with the above essential equipment, other hiking equipment like a cooking set, first aid kit, navigation tools, etc., that you should be carrying with you. We offer a wide range of essential and high-quality gears. It is crucial to have a good hike and camping experience. Hence, getting a good night's sleep in the wilderness is critical by not compromising on weight. And therefore, a lot of importance is given to an excellent lightweight tent as it plays a significant role in making your experience comfortable and memorable. All the hiking gear in Australia has only one purpose of serving, and that is your comfort. And hence all of them focus on being lightweight and of high quality to help you have the best experience.


What were your thoughts on our article? We had been delighted to hear from you. Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Are you itching to go camping? Check out our previous blog post on How to Choose a Backpacking Tent? You can also browse our store for more camping supplies!

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