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Outdoor exploration can be a great way to make memories with the family, and the perfect tent will ensure your comfort as you discover nature together. A reliable best family hiking tent is vital for protecting yourself from any elements while out in the wild.

Our basic family tents are suitable for base camping, beach camping and even hikes. Do check back often as we are working to bring in quality larger family tents. 

Tent Buying Guide - Family Camping

When it comes to buying a family camping tent, don't shop alone. The whole family will be camping in the tent, so the whole family should be involved in the selection process. 

To make life a little easier and to guide you down the well-worn path of family camping, we've teamed up to get their expert opinion on how to go about getting your hands on the right family tent from their wide range of available tents for family camping. If you are hiking with your family, choosing the right family hiking tent is a must, as lightweight is the primary concern in this case.

These are how you pick the perfect family tent:

Which Size Tent Should I Buy?

Naturally, this depends on the size of your family and the age ranges within it. Many forums say a good rule of thumb is 20 square feet for each person who’ll be sleeping in the tent. However, it’s smart to take that suggestion as the absolute minimum size when shopping. If you’re planning on storing gear inside the tent or using air mattresses in lieu of sleeping bags, you’ll likely need considerably more space. Some experienced campers suggest as much as 40 square feet per person, although 30 can be considered a good compromise.

Selecting an appropriately sized tent is essential; nobody wants to be crowded or uncomfortable. Our blog page can guide you on how to choose a family tent that will provide plenty of space for your memorable camping trip. 

Tent Shape or Layout

Selecting a family tent should always be done carefully, ensuring that it fits your needs and provides ample space for the entire group. Large family tents will ensure everyone can experience quality time together outdoors.

When choosing a family tent, start by thinking about the number of bedrooms you need, instead of the number of people the tent accommodates. Tents with square floor shapes are more efficient when laying out sleeping and gear arrangements. 

Popular models are available in both cabin and dome styles, so put some thought into which style would work out best for your family. For cabin-style tents, consider setting them up in a spot near trees and tying your tent corners to them for added stability. And for dome-style tents, consider moving up to a slightly larger size that will provide extra headroom for taller family members.

Ease of Setup

Larger family tents can inherently prove trickier to handle. It’s always a good plan to read what the manufacturer recommends, but it’s especially valuable to find a place that offers customer reviews — often you’ll find a particular design is easier or more difficult to set up than intended. Apart from ease of setup, read our guide in choosing the best family tent in Australia for more helpful tips with camping with the kids. You'll be thankful for it!

Wind Speed Ratings

Some natural features can make your campsite more exposed to the wind. A wind speed rating will give you an idea of how well the tent will hold up in high winds. With a reliable tent that can endure strong winds, you'll be able to confidently embark on your outdoor adventures knowing the elements are no match for its sturdy construction. Here is our guide on selecting the best quality family tent that can withstand windy conditions.


Many models of large tents include vestibules, while others have them as available options. Tent vestibules are a protected area along the sides or front of your tent that provide additional space just outside the interior of your tent, but under a rain fly. This is a great area to store gear outside of the tent to save space, change some muddy or wet clothing, leave footwear, or potentially cook if campers are extremely careful to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, or catching your tent on fire.

Australia has a fantastic array of contrasts, from calm forested areas to vast deserts. For those looking for excellent family camping sites, there are plenty of free spots in Australia waiting to be explored just as the sun sets over their remarkable landscapes! 

With its family-friendly campsites to suit any camper, Victoria in Australia is a truly unique destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking to experience an unforgettable stay among nature.

At the end of the day, it is very similar to buying a house: you have to choose what is right for your circumstances, what your budget can afford, and be ready to make some compromises. 

If the tent passes this 'family test', you're on your way. Happy camping!



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