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Camping Tables, Picnic Tables, Foldable & Portable Tables

Camping tables are great for all your picnic, base camping, camping trips & hiking needs. Portable, lightweight & foldable, these folding tables are suitable for outdoor uses. We have camping tables made of aluminium which makes them resistant to corrosion, thus ideal for placing them outdoors. Use these as foldable picnic tables or for dining outdoors. Also, the aluminium slats make the fold-up camping tabletop heat resistant, so you can put your coffee or tea mug on the foldable table without worrying about damage. We also have a portable, lightweight camping picnic table made of quick-drying oxford cloth for the tabletop for easy roll-up & packing. Unload these to place your camping cookware or have your camping picnics outdoors. These camping tables can be easily folded up for easy storage, taking up minimal space. Camping or picnics are a breeze with our portable picnic tables. Consider a multipurpose tarp that can be used as a tent footprint, tarp shelter, groundsheet, picnic mat or camping tarp.


Choosing A Camping Table

Are you thinking about buying a new camping table? But you don't know what to look for to get. Whether it is for cooking, meal times, or even playing games, it is essential that we get one with suitable criteria to bring up to camp. Then go through our article and learn how to choose the best camping table.


Dining Tables

This type of camping table is mainly used for having dinner, lunch, and other meals together with your family or camping group. Having food together around a table outdoors is undoubtedly something every camper would love. You cannot expect them to be as sturdy as the one you might have at home, but they are perfect for the outdoors. Our outdoor telescopic folding table is ideal for serving this! 

Cooking Station Tables

Enjoy the convenience of a camp kitchen or outdoor cooking station & make cooking a breeze while enjoying the outdoors. Most of these tables are rectangular and offer enough space for stoves, cups and other vessels. Some cooking station tables also come with multiple levels to add more storage space for your convenience.

Folding Camping Tables

The folding table is the most popular choice among backpackers and campers. The main selling point of these tables is the ability to fold and carry them easily on any camping adventure. A table that is easy to fold and compact when folded would be the best. You may not use this portable aluminium folding table as your primary table, but it can be used as an additional table to store easily accessible items, such as fruits. 

Consider our lightweight foldable camping table and foldable camping table for a perfectly compact, light, strong, and portable; you can take this table nearly anywhere. 

Browse through our collection of camping tables, camping chairs, chair sets and other hiking gear like sleeping bags and sleeping mats. Our foldable camping tables are lightweight, collapsible, foldable and made of high quality materials. For sturdier tables, check out our aluminium folding camping table. For a lightweight camping table, check out our nylon mesh lightweight camping tablealso a foldable camping table. Novaprosports Australia offers you a good service and super fast delivery. 




The Ultimate Camping Checklist

This article will provide you the camping checklist for those looking to take on a group camping holiday.

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