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LED Camping Lights 

Our outdoor camping lights collection includes multifunctional LED camping lights and lightweight headlamps to suit your pack weight reduction. Essential camping accessories never to hike without! 

A well-lit campsite or hiking trail in front of you in the dark is so vital. Especially when you are going on overnight hikes or camping trips, you will need a good light source. Imagine not having a good source of camping lights; you would be fumbling in the dark for cooking ingredients, utensils, cooking gas stove, and not seeing what you are eating! Novaprosports offers a convenient range of camping lights and headlights for hiking outdoors and at your campsite, including LED strip lights with Inbuilt Lithium Battery, work lights, driving lights and head torches.

We have camping lanterns powered by AAA batteries and rechargeable headlamps by USB, so you can bring your power bank to charge your headlamps. We also have a headlamp with advanced sensor technology to let you turn the light on or off with a hand wave. This brilliant function frees your hand for other essential tasks, especially in the wilderness. 

For camping lamps, choose LED (light-emitted diode) camping lanterns, they are energy efficient and do not drain that much power from the batteries, yet they emit bright and powerful lights. These camping lanterns also have a handle, making them easy to hang from a hook or stand-alone. In addition, camping lanterns provide light at all angles so the light source can be shared with larger groups of people. This makes camping lanterns suitable for campsites. On the other hand, headlamps provide a more focused source of light for an individual, and they are designed to be strapped around the head to free the wearer's hands for more rigorous activities.

If you are getting lost or afraid of missing something, we have got a camping checklist made for you!


How Do I Light My Campsite?

Now that you are here, here are a few creative outdoor camp lighting ideas to illuminate your camping experience.

LED Strip Lighting

LED lights are ideal for leaving on for long periods due to their low power usage and meagre heat output. They are more suited to use as a general night light/ background accent light.


Candle Lantern

Candle lanterns are safe if you follow the directions and avoid flammable materials. The enclosed design protects the flame from direct contact with other materials, and the handle keeps the lantern a safe distance below tent canopies when suspended in a tent.


Light Rope

These string lights are specially designed ropes that can be draped or wrapped around almost anything. Campers use this creative lighting option over tent ceilings or around small tables. Just plug the cord into a USB power source and enjoy a pleasant light source to light up your camping trip.


Solar and Wind-Up Lights

Changing batteries can be a pain when you are camping or trekking. This is why many lighting products work on solar and wind power. While you can benefit from solar lights during the daytime, the wind-up ones can be great nighttime alternatives.



Generally speaking, these are the most common tools to light up your tent and usually hold on car roof racks; a flashlight should give off at least 100 lumens. That said, the best outdoor flashlights for camping should produce between 160 and 200 lumens. This will give you plenty of light for navigating the pitch-dark wilderness and bright enough to scare off human and animal intruders.



The handiest feature on a lantern is a loop, hook, or clip. This allows you to hang your lantern from a tree or pole or inside your tent. While there are many different types of lanterns, it is pretty easy to pick the right one. The main things you need to think about are the power source and lumen output. Once you know your power source and lumen output, you decide on the physical size, weight, and features that best suit your needs.



Hands-free, compact and allows you to cast a lot of light. You can move around the campsite, without holding onto other lights. You can prepare food, do camp chores and go to the toilet without worrying about where to put your torch or lantern. Headlamps are a versatile way to light up your campsite and move around safely. With their availability and ease of use, we suggest you add this one piece of camping gear to your camping list. 

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