About Novaprosports

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Headquartered in Somerton, VIC, Australia, Novaprosports is an online Outdoor Camping Store & Sports Gear provider that strives to help today’s outdoor adventurers and sports enthusiasts acquire Quality Gear at amazing value & great quality. Specialising in tents, sleeping bags, water sports and accessories, Novaprosports aims to strike the balance between High Quality Products and Value. 


“We age not by years, but by stories.”

At Novaprosports, our passion for sports defines who we are and reflects what we do. We age not by years, but by stories. Stories of making customers happy, stories of offering the best-quality products.


“We understand sports like no one else.”

From indoor exercises to outdoor adventures, we give you the best of both worlds to deepen your fitness satisfaction. We offer you the expanse of sports gear, footwears, apparels, and accessories available – more fitness options to choose from on any given day.

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