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Family Tent: Space & Convenience

Hiking is enjoyable if you love adventure. However, when it comes to family camping, it is more exciting. Having a good time with family without any social media, internet, or even network will help you replenish the bonds with your family. If you have been staying apart for a while, you must go to a family camp. 

Camping is exciting, but it can be comfortable if you choose the right hiking tent. The most crucial element for camping is the hiking tent. When it comes to family camping, most of you prefer to have one big fat tent like a glamping tent. That makes spending time with each other easier. It is better for people who have minor kids and cannot stay in separate tents. But before investing in a family tent, you need to check out the features of the best camping tent. 


Things to Notice Before you Buy a Family Tent

The size of A family tent has to be significant. Commonly family tents can accommodate four grownups easily. Still, you can find a 3-person tent if you have a family of 3 people. Always buy a tent that fits your requirements. Having a comfortable tent will make it easy for the family to stay together and enjoy the time. You can make a space for fun indoor games. You can do a lot if the tent is right. 

1. Your Travel Buddies

Before buying a tent, always notice the people you will travel with. Manufacturers designed most family tents to fit four adults, but it is more important if you have kids. Even if they are teens, they need to be taken care of. Sometimes family tents are not enough for a big family then, and you can add more tents like cabin tents that will meet your needs. Always try to put the siblings together that go in sync with each other. 


2. Season of Camping

Choosing a tent also depends on the weather. Check out the potential temperature of the location you will camp. Always select a tent that can keep you comfortable in that weather condition during your camping adventure. If it is a monsoon, then buy an appropriate monsoon tent. The same goes for snow, winter, autumn, and summer camping. Keeping the weather in mind is super important when buy season tents. 


3. Material of The Tent

The material of the family camping tent also matters as to the weather. The material will keep the durable tent warm inside even if there is snowing outside. Sometimes getting a bilayer tent is also helpful. It helps to insulate the temperate and keep you comfortable. 


4. Extra Features Available

Some family camping tents have extra space, which is ideal for a family. You can spend some playtime in those spaces—no need to sit on the bed for everything. Having an extra length also helps in keeping more luggage. In addition, a rain protection layer helps in fighting rain. Check out the additional features like storage pockets and separate rooms of a whole family tent to get more benefits. 


5. Price

The price of a tent is always a thing to consider. Mostly family tents are affordable overall as you don’t have to buy separate tents for every individual. One person can carry the tent, and the rest can carry more luggage in that space. Always look for the best family tent but do not overpay. The quality of the tent and its features will determine the price. 


6. Weight

The most important thing you must consider before buying a family tent is the weight. It should be light so that you can carry it easily. Even after giving so much floor space inside, the ideal tent would be lightweight and durable. 


Cloud Up 3 - 20D Ultralight Hiking Tent - Gray - 1.9kg


Advantages of Buying a Family Tent

You will want to know the advantages before you buy a family tent, one of the best camping tents types. Here is some information that you might consider.

You Can Spend a Lot of Family Time

Staying in a tent together will give you enough time to spend together. If you do not get enough time to spend with your family, this is the right time. You will have beautiful days without disturbing social media or video games. 


You Can Keep an Eye on The Kids

If your kids are minors, you must keep an eye on them. Staying in a family tent will make it easier. You can be relaxed and let the kids play inside the tent. A big family tent always helps. 


Saves Money

Staying four people together in a tent will save much money, time and effort. There is no need to buy separate tents for every individual. You can just set up one tent, and you are good to go. It is also easy to carry along. 


Better Ventilation

A more prominent tent will always give better ventilation. Also, more windows and doors will make it more breathable. However, having the best hiking tents in Australia won’t give you as much ventilation as a family tent. Well, you can get the best family tent Australia as well. 


Product Available

Cloud Up 3 Ultralight Hiking Tent - Green Upgraded


This three people tent is one of the best family tents and can be your best travel buddy. It is from the Cloud Up 3 range, famous for providing the lightest tent. Planning a hiking and camping trip will be incomplete without this tent. It can fit three adults easily. Hiking with kids will also be effortless with such tents. Check out the unique green colour that will help reflect the hot sun. This large family tent is also a budget family tent, seeing the quality of the tent. The setup process is pretty simple, and the lightweight makes it unique. Grab your tent today. 



Family tents are always a priority when going with a big group of friends. A tent that can fit 3-4 people is ideal and affordable. It is time to buy your next family tent. Check out the advanced features and materials of the tent before you buy as well as the family tent reviews for references of those who already tried it. That will ensure the durability of the tent. Hurry up and get your best affordable family tent tent today. It's time to get your hiking and camping gear up and ready with the best hiking gear. When buying the best large family tents, you must consider buying the best sleeping bag too for your camping trips. To read more about the best possible reasons sleeping bags must be on your camping list, check out our blog "Top 5 Reasons Why Sleeping Bag Should Be On Your List"

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