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The Most Breathtaking Free Camping Sites in Australia

The Most Breathtaking Free Camping Sites in Australia

Australia is a country rich with contrasts. As you travel through the country's various landscapes, you might fall asleep one night in a lush forest to the soothing sounds of a waterfall and the next watch the sunset over the barren, windswept desert.

Best of all, if you're willing to do a little study before you go, you can do it for free, or what they call free camping! When traveling by campervan or motorhome, you will discover a plethora of beautiful spots where you may stay the night for free.


What Kind of Facilities Can I Expect from A Free Campsite?

It should come as no surprise that you may have to go a few nights without a hot shower or a functioning toilet.

Free campgrounds, in our experience, include a wide range of amenities, so try to be as prepared as possible. The most rudimentary rest spots are those along the highway, with no restrooms or water. However, there are several free campgrounds with bathrooms, and some even have showers, which is fortunate for you.

Remember that you'll need to plug in at a paying campsite to charge your campervan's second battery and other electrical gadgets. As a general rule, we advise our customers to pay for a camp at least once every 3-4 nights – although that, of course, is entirely dependent on your budget and travel interests!


How Can I Find Free Places to Camp In Australia

Head to the national parks around:

You can usually find free camping in or near Australia's big national parks. The best ways to find out if you're close to a free camping trip are checking the National Park website, keeping an eye out for signposts, or stopping by the local tourist office. Here are several websites that can assist you in finding national park campgrounds.


Visit community campsites and rest areas along the roadside:

It is legal to camp overnight for 24 hours at sure of Australia's more significant rest sites (mostly along motorways). You can stay overnight in many other places if you are not putting up a camp. If you're unsure, exit the vehicle and ask anyone else who is parked nearby or visit a local community service center.


Here are 5 of Australia's most gorgeous free campgrounds!

NEWNES CAMPGROUND is number one on the list:

The Newnes Campground in Wollemi National Park is a stunning campsite north of the Blue Mountains if you're seeking spectacular scenery and a camping area in Sydney. With soaring sandstone cliffs and beautiful eucalypt trees, the view alone is enough to suggest this place, but Newnes also has amenities. Toilets and BBQ pits are available.


Recreation Area of Bendeela:

This charming free camping site lies beside the Kangaroo River. The broad expanses here and the options for swimming, fishing, and canoeing make it an ideal family vacation spot. If you're looking for some elusive bare-nosed wombats, this is an excellent place to go.


Camping Area at Paddys River Falls:

This free campground is another excellent option if you prefer swimming and fishing. It's also an ideal place to stop if you're going bushwalking, horseback riding, or mountain biking. The mist rising from the Paddys River can be seen in the morning. Make sure you bring your drinking water as well as firewood to the campsite. It's also worth noting that there are no dumpsites.


Camping Area for Frying Pan Creek:

This picturesque campground lies on the banks of the Telegherry River. Mountain bikers will find it to be a great place to visit. It's a terrific place to see if you have a 4WD car because 2WD vehicles can only approach it in dry weather. The camp does not provide water or firewood, so bring your own.


Blue Pool Camping Area:

The Blue Pool Camping Area lies along Freestone Creek in the Briagolong State Forest. Blue Pool is a famous swimming hole where you may cool yourself on a hot day by taking a plunge. You can also explore the neighboring fern gully or take a short stroll to an overlook above the creek. At this free campsite, there is a toilet.


Affordable Camping Tents from Novaprosports

Speedy 2 - 2.1kg Hiking Tent - White:


Speedy 2.1kg Hiking Tent | best tents Australia | camping tents | camping tents for sale

Image from: Speedy 2.1kg Hiking Tent - White


The Speedy 2 lightweight hiking tent (P-Series tent) is our most basic variety of the best tents Australia to hike for two campers over three seasons. These family tents offer two doors and one vestibule for simple access and enough gear storage space.

Planning is essential whether you're camping close to home or traveling across the nation. If you don't keep your camping tents with you in mind, staying safe and dry can be challenging. The Speedy series is the vital selection of two-person camping tents for sale that you may use in all three seasons. Whether you're backpacking or just stopping to rest before continuing your journey, there's nothing like having enough headroom and space to adequately care for your stuff while you're in a new place rapidly!


Waterproof and windproof:


Speedy 2 - 2.1kg Hiking Tent - Orange | best tents Australia | camping tents | camping tents for sale

Image from: Speedy 2.1kg Hiking Tent - Orange


The tent's fully seam-taped construction and rainfly keep small to moderate amounts of rain out, with a 3000MM waterproof rating. Manufacturers designed the professional poles with robust aluminum pegs to withstand strong winds, ensuring the poles' strength and dependability.



Manufacturers made Australia's Speedy 2 freestanding hiking tents of ultralight 210T polyester fabric and 7001 aluminum poles for the optimum strength-to-weight ratio. The overall weight is somewhat more than 2.1kg. 

Adjustable fly vents assist decrease condensation by directing damp air outdoors and encouraging air circulation: Insect-prevention and airy ventilation system with B3 high-density mesh. The same is available in Orange, Lime green, and at 2.3kgs.



With the above options available for campsites which are also free, you are sure to have the best time. To make these times more comfortable, you can choose from the available cheap tents.

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