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How to Choose Sleeping Bags for Backpacking?

How to Choose Sleeping Bags for Backpacking?

Backpackers are known to be obsessive about the warmth to weight ratio of their sleeping bags. It is not possible to get proper sleep if you feel cold. Even the ultralight hiking sleeping bags will be bulky. It is essential to spend time deciding on the sleep system. Backpacking best sleeping bags are more efficient and provide more warmth as well as are more lightweight. Because of those factors, backpacking lightweight sleeping bags usually differ from camping bags. If you plan on doing both activities, then it is better to go with a backpacking bag. 


Few key factors have to take into consideration before deciding on a sleeping bag: 

Temperature Rating 

    The temperature rating identifies the lowest temperature when the sleeping bag design to keep the sleeper warm. Select a sleeping bag based on a lower temperature rating than the temperature you might encounter on your backpacking trip. It can get complex; however, it is essential to understand the temperature ratings before purchasing a sleeping bag


    “ISO” or “EN” temperature rating 

    These are the standardized tests that help compare sleeping bags between different brands. ISO is the newer standard and has led to the improvement in the consistency of the test results. Also, when you opt for other products like ultralight hiking cookwarebest lightweight camping cookwarehiking tents Australiaultralight tenthiking gas stove, and other items, make sure that you check the ISO or EN rating. 


    Comfort and limit ratings

    ‘Comfort rating’ refers to the lowest temperature of the bag that will help in keeping an average ‘cold sleeper’ comfortable. On the other hand, ‘limit rating’ is the most petite temper to stay a “warm sleeper” comfortable. 


    The rating does not guarantee warmth 

    The rating is helpful; however, it may vary depending on the brand and the different conditions. 


    Sleep System 

    The real-warmth varies mainly from the tested temperature ratings based on multiple variables, including wind, humidity, clothing, ground conditions, etc. The primary consideration is the sleep system consisting of the sleeping bag, the sleeping pad, and your clothing. If the pad is less insulated at colder temperatures, the sleeping bag might not match the temperature rating. 



    Insulation is the first step that needs to consider when choosing a sleeping bag. The down insulation bag is lighter and compressible. It is also more durable than a synthetic fill and can retain higher levels of warmth for a longer duration. On the other hand, synthetic insulation offers solid performance and is affordable as well. It will insulate even when it’s wet—most synthetic insulations are from polyester. Down/Synthetic blends design with synthetic at the bottom where the compression is minor. Overall, the primary factor of a sleeping bag’s size depends on the type of insulation. Also, you can carry these blends easily with any camping cookware in Australialightweight hiking tents in Australiacamping cooking stoves, and other items.


    Weight of your sleeping bag  

    The main factors affect the weight and the installation. If the insulation is sufficient, it will provide higher warmth and less weight. It is essential to compare the bags that have similar temperature ratings with their bag weights. The shape of the sleeping bag will affect its warmth in the heat emitted by your body. A sleek and snug fit bag will also be lighter and warmer as compared to a roomy bag. When you are going on an adventure trip, you must be carrying camping cookwarecamping tentscamping stoves or hiking stoves, and many more items, so the weight of the sleeping bag becomes a necessary element to consider.


    Insulation weight 

    The overall weight of the bag matters while carrying it in your pack. The insulation fill weight will tell you the weight of the insulation and will act as a rough indicator of the warmth. However, temperature eating is a more reliable source of identifying the warmth of the bag.


    The shape of the bag  

    A sleeping bag with a sleek shape will be lighter in weight than a roomy bag. There are three basic shapes of a sleeping bag, namely mummy, semi-rectangular and rectangular. A Mummy sleeping bag reduces weight and gives warmth with the help of its slim cut. In contrast, a semi-rectangular sleeping bag offers a balance of both roominess and warmth. And lastly, the rectangular sleeping bag provides a lot of room and comes in a simple rectangular shape.


    Size of sleeping bags  

    The shapes are pretty general; however, the dimensions vary a lot. The sleeping bags come in a variety of sizes. There are adult sleeping bags and kids sleeping bags according to the height and size of the person. 


    Some of the best quality sleeping bags available are as follows:

    1. ULG Mummy Goose Sleeping Bag Champagne 

      Image from: ULG Mummy Goose Sleeping Bag Champagne


      This sleeping bag is a mummy cut design; sleeping bags for adults have ultralight construction and compressible stuff sat with the water-resistant goose down that offers the best warmth to weight ratio. It is perfect for all weather conditions, including cold weather. It has a generous amount of shoulder and chest space with a low profile below that you can adjust accordingly.


      2. Lightweight Ultralight Sleeping Bag

      Image from: Compact Ultralight Sleeping Bag Naturehike 0.72kg – Dark Blue (Right)


      As the name suggests, this is a lightweight sleeping bag that is very compact and weighs only 0.72 KG. It offers a lot of room to turn and stage for a good night's sleep. Also, it is a classic rectangular sleeping bag available at an affordable price and perfect for a cool-weather adventure. Furthermore, it has its zips till the bottom and opens up as a blanket. It has a four compression strap. 



      That is everything you need to know about sleeping bags and how to choose the best sleeping bag according to your requirements. The above factors are critical and can consider before purchasing a sleeping bag for your next adventure. It is vital to ensure that you get proper sleep during backpacking and are comfortable throughout the night, as it will also affect the overall trip. The products mentioned are the best ones available, and you can choose according to your requirements.


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