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A Beginners’ Guide to Hiking

One of the misconceptions about hiking is that it is expensive because of the cost incurred on the gear. However, that is not true. Your hiking gear does not have to be expensive; it just has to be comfortable and safe for your surroundings. Therefore, you can hike anywhere you want, and it is not that tough to learn about the basics of hiking.

If you are a beginner and are planning a hiking adventures trip, the following steps will help you make a checklist of things you need to prepare for before your hiking New Zealand trip. 


Choose your trail: 

It is best to start small. A 5-mile walk at 2000 feet of elevation is a lot different than a 5-mile walk in your town. Hence it is essential to read the characteristics of the hike that you want to take and understand the type of terrain that you should be expecting on your hiking adventure. You can start by researching different routes that are available for you to take. Once you shortlist the location, you should also see the reviews of people who have recently been there to know their experience and prepare yourself. You can also get to social media to read and learn about the trails you are researching. You can also download navigation apps independently to understand the path better and not get lost during your hike.


Pack your essentials: 

To pack the essentials that you need to carry on your hiking trip, you also need to decide on a backpack that will comfortably fit your body and is spacious. To understand which backpack works best for you, you have to start by trying out many of them and seeing what fits you well. After that, you can choose a backpack that has a mesh construction. The two most important things about choosing a hiking backpack AU are comfortable shoulder straps and a breathable back. While hiking, it is essential to be comfortable while carrying your hiking backpack


Hiking Backpack Lightweight 55L  

Image from: Hiking Backpack Lightweight 55L


This backpack is a very lightweight backpack that weighs less than 2kgs. However, it is enough to carry a large amount of care and is very comfortable as well. It has comprehensive waterproof bag support with a mesh construction that helps with ventilation. The purpose of this backpack is to make your excursion easier for you. It is made of a hundred percent nylon and is available in various colors.


What to carry with you?

There is a lot of hiking gear that you might need on your trip. Some of the essential ones are:


Portable Rechargeable LED Headlight Light: 


Image from: Portable Rechargeable LED Headlight Light


The lamp comes with four modes that are great for indoor and outdoor use and will be very helpful during hiking. You can easily carry this lamp in your 2 person hiking tent.


4 Season Tent: 

Image from: Cloud Up 3 Ultralight Hiking Tent


The Cloud Up 3 Ultralight Hiking Tent available is a hiking tent for up to 3 people. It is lightweight, and a waterproof tent fit for four seasons and will act as fantastic hiking equipment for your adventure. This 4 season tent is made of nylon and is a double-layered tent. 


Inflatable Travel Pillow: 

Image from: Lightweight Aeros Inflatable Travel Pillow


Lightweight Aeros Inflatable Travel pillow is an ultra-lightweight and comfortable pillow that helps in providing head support for hikers during their move. As a beginner, this inflatable travel pillow is a must in your kit. In addition, it has an ergonomic curve that makes it extra comfortable for your spine.


Hiking Tent: 


Image from: Illumina X 1.55kg Ultralight Hiking Tent


Illumina 1.55 kg ultralight hiking tent is a two-person double layered tent that can use for all seasons. The tent is waterproof and freestanding. It has a mesh construction and is suitable for sun and snow. You also have the option of having a customized size according to your footprint. 


Sleeping Mats: 


Image from: Large Ultralight TPU Sleeping Mats


Large ultralight TPU sleeping mat is available in an inflatable push design that offers a comfortable cushion and is lightweight and easily compatible. A built-in pump allows you to inflate the map with your hands or feet wherever you are by pumping air into it. This ultralight sleeping mat is perfect for a hiking trip as it will keep you very comfortable.



Along with the above hiking equipment, you also will require proper hiking clothes and shoes to protect yourself from the weather conditions that may come your way. You have to be prepared with food as well. Therefore, it is essential only to pack what is required and highly necessary. 

There is no reason to be intimidated by the idea of a hiking trip. With the proper research and preparation beforehand, you will be able to have a smooth hiking excursion. It is about enjoying the beauty of nature with the company of your close ones. You will also require navigation tools and adequate water to keep you going throughout. Safety items like a flashlightwhistles, and many more will help you guide your way. It is also advised to prepare a first-aid kit, including bandages, antibiotics, and any medication that you might require. You should carry whatever is safe for you and avoid a lot of weight. 

For starters, it would help if you chose a tray that you can handle and slowly build yourself up to more complex levels. It is always better to hike with a companion and follow the designated trail. Then, you can cite your worries aside, and with prior planning, you can expect to enjoy the outdoors. And by choosing the best hiking gear for your first hike, you can rely on having a good experience that you will remember for a lifetime.


What did you think about our article? We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comment section below! Were you itching to go on a camping trip? Check out our previous blog post on How to choose a Backpacking Tent?. Also, don’t forget to check out our store for more camping gear!


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