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Waterproof Vs. Water-resistant Bags: What Do You Need To Know?

Water-resistant and waterproof are the two terms that are very important for campers and hikers. They always need either of the two types of bags. Waterproof Bags are the most preferred ones because of the multiple usages and the safety they provide to all the belongings within the bag. Wherein water-resistant bags can prevent the belongings in the bag from dripping wet with just some rainwater drop. Still, eventually, the water will pass through the material and reach the belongings. So it delays the time of getting the belongings damp. Overall, if you like travelling and like to carry backpacks, this is the right page. 


What is the Waterproof Bag?

The term waterproof is a big claim, and using such bags will assure that your belongings within the bag will remain dry even you submerge the bag in water. The fabric used in the bag, the chains, and other parts should be waterproof to make it a completely waterproof bag. Manufacturers generally make Waterproof bags with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). Standard fabrics are usually woven and have tiny pores in the weave. That is why they are not waterproof but water-resistant. Wherein manufacturers make waterproof bags with PVC, a synthetic material that does not have any pore. The bags must be expensive in the zippers because the zipper alone is pretty expensive. The zippers work with a technology that keeps moisture away and does not allow water to get inside the bag.


What is a Water-Resistant Bag?

Water-resistant bags are those that can resist water up to some extent. It can get through light rain or some splash of water, but if you merge the waterproof duffel bag into the water, it cannot stop the water from entering the bag. The primary reason is the fabric. Whenever you use fabric to make almost everything that cannot be waterproof, it can be water-resistant with materials like Nylon or polyester. Such materials are hydrophilic to some extent. Therefore, they do not readily absorb water and resist getting inside a bag. The market for such bags is also huge. When it comes to zippers for water-resistant bags, they are pretty standard and affordable. Manufacturers use a fabric flap on top of the zipper for more protection to prevent more water.


Waterproof Dry Bag – 20L Green


Benefits of Using a Waterproof Bag Over the Water-Resistant Bag

The primary scale should be your requirement when comparing waterproof and water-resistant bags. If you are a regular camper or a traveller, you might need waterproof bags because they will help to keep your belongings dry and secure whenever you travel. Otherwise, if your purpose is to use the bag for daily life chores like going to school or office, visiting a nearby tourist spot, or just going for a stay over at your friend's place. Water-resistant bags can serve all these purposes. But you will never get the feeling of walking through the rain with a waterproof dry bag with no risk of wet belongings. Even with water-resistant bags, you will have to use a rain cover for better and longer protection from water.


Uses of Waterproof Bags

Waterproof bags are used mainly by travellers and also sports enthusiasts. Do you know why? Waterproof duffle bags are so attractive and serve two different purposes. Investing in one bag and getting two benefits is what attracts them more. Hikers, rowers, and many travellers who have made it to distinct places use waterproof bags. Travelling through a jungle can lead you anywhere. Travel enthusiasts and professionals who need to come along with water use waterproof bags somewhere. 


Uses of Water-Resistant Bags

Water-resistant bags are affordable eye-catcher bags. They like to grab the audience's attention with their marketing skills, but they want to get the position of waterproof bags on a budget. If the audience is not aiming towards waterproof bags, then water-resistant bags can be a good option. If your friend accidentally spills coffee on your bag, then you don't have to worry about it with a water-resistant bag. Just wipe off the liquid, and you are good to go. The purpose of both the bags are different, and if you expect the benefits of waterproof bags in water-resistant bags, then your requirement is not clear.


Types of Waterproof Bags That are in Demand

The first and most common waterproof bag in demand is the travel bag. Travellers can get into any situation, and they should prepare themselves for it. Using a waterproof bag makes it easy to travel while keeping their belongings safe. Nowadays, fancy travellers are also preferring waterproof bags. Waterproof duffle bags are the new favourite of travellers, especially those travelling to beaches. You can keep extra clothes at the beach and enjoy the water without worrying if the bag will get wet. Presently, people like to use waterproof storage bags. Storing clothes in storage bags has been a tradition, but waterproof bags are new. It keeps the clothes dry and fresh. It prevents the dampness in walls and cupboards to reach your clothes. 


Available Products

TPU Dry-Wet Separating Waterproof Bag 20L - Grey


TPU Dry-Wet Separating Waterproof Bag 20L - Grey


If you like minimal colours in your backpack, this waterproof bag in grey is ideal for you. It has a decent capacity of 20L, and the material is dry wet so that you don't have to worry about moisture touching your bag.


Waterproof Dry Bag – 10L Green


Waterproof Dry Bag – 10L Green


If your choices include vibrant colours and a small capacity of 10L, then this bag is ideal for you. It is small and attractive, perfect for a day trip to any location in the world. So get your hands on them today.



Waterproof bags are in huge demand nowadays. Though they are a little expensive, they are worth the money you pay. Waterproof backpacks are one of the most popular travel bags that all travellers want to have in their travelling kit. You can buy the best waterproof bags by visiting the official website of Novapro Sports website. 

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