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The Ultimate Camping Checklist


Speaking of packing for outdoor adventure, having comprehensive resources and supplies can make a huge difference in your overall camping enjoyment and experience.

Though staying in the backcountry requires much less in terms of clothing than other vacations, there are some camping essentials you wouldn’t want to miss out.

The following camping checklist is designed for those looking to take on a group camping holiday. Not every camper will bring every item on every trip. Simply add or remove items to suit your personal requirements.

Download the printer-friendly camping checklist in PDF now for a successful camping trip.


#1 Shelter

Tent (* double check if you have all the necessary poles and stakes)
Footprint / Ground Cloth
Tarp / Sun Shade
Axe & Hammer
Dust Pan & Brush
Tent Repair Kit


#2 Bedding

Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Mat / Pad 
Camping Pillow
Air Pump
Sheets / Blankets
Air Mattress Repair Kit

#3 Apparel

Moisture-Wicking T-Shirts
 Moisture-Wicking Underwear
Quick-Drying Pants / Shorts
 Long-Sleeve Shirts * for sun-shielding and bugs prevention
Hat / Cap
Wetsuit / Swimsuit
 Shoes / Boots
 Socks (Synthetic or Wool)
 Sunglasses * polarized shades are ideal for blocking the bright sun
 Insulating Jacket / Vest
 Vacuum Bags * to compress your bulky clothing
Laundry Bag

#4 Navigation

 Portable GPS
 Compass & Map * to back-up GPS
 Notebook & Pen / Pencil
 Camping LightsFlashlights / Headlamps * prepare extra batteries and bulbs
Walkie Talkies

#5 Kitchen

 Coolers / Ice
 Water Bottles
 Water Bucket
 Water Filters / Purification
 Fuel Bottles * with fuel funnel
 Plates, Bowls, Mixing Bowls
 Matches / Lighter
 Mugs / Cups
 Charcoal * with fire starter
 Measuring Cups
 Fire Extinguisher
 Measuring Spoons
 Grill Rack
 Frying Pan
 Paring Knife
 Cook Pots
 Pot Grabber
 Dutch Oven
 Trash Bags
 Portable Coffee / Espresso Maker
Cutting Board
Bottle Opener / Corkscrew
Can Opener
Biodegradable Soap * to clean the dishes
Pot Scrubber / Sponge
Skewer / Grill Forks
Food-Storage Containers
Ziplock Bags

#6 Personal

 Toilet Roll
Camping Pillow 
 Personal Medications * prepare extra
 Lip Balm
 Shower Kit
 Hand Sanitizer
 Eye Drops
 Nail Clippers
 Brush / Comb
 Eyeshades / Earplugs
 Spare Eyeglasses / Contact Lenses
 Quick-Drying Towel 

#7 First-Aid

 Adhesive Tape
 Antiseptic Wipes
 Cotton Swabs
 Bee Sting Kit
 Snake Bit Kit
 Sinus Medications
 Insect repellent
 Antibiotic Cream
 Sunburn Lotion
 Poison Ivy Cream
 First Aid Manual

#8 Entertainment

 Playing Cards
 Flying Disc
 Board Games
 Fishing Gear
 Bikes * don’t forget the locks

#9 Miscellaneous

 Folding Chairs
 Folding Table
 Cell Phone
 Travel Alarm Clock
 Reservations Info
 Multi-tool / Knife

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