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Choosing Between The Best Camping Tents: Illumina X Vs. Cloud Up

Choosing Between The Best Camping Tents Illumina X Vs. Cloud Up 2

Is it time to change your usual camping tent? It may have been your trusted old friend for years, but let us face the bitter truth that a modern camping tent is what you need. 

Modern camping tents provide campers with leisure and exceptional convenience during their trip. If you already did your research, you have probably heard about the Illumina X and Cloud Up Tents, dubbed as the best camping tents among hikers and enthusiasts. 

Although they are equally helpful, they have different features that set them apart. And that is what we will be debunking for today's article. We will give you all the things you need to know about these camping tents, and we will decide as we go on which one is the perfect camping tent for your upcoming trip. Are you ready? Gear up because we are about to make your next camping expedition a one-of-a-kind twist and excitement!


Getting To Know Our Camping Tents

Before we talk about their similarities and differences, we will begin by knowing them first (Illumina X and Cloud Up Tents). Because how can we differentiate something we do not know? LOL!

If you are going to ask seasoned professionals for their opinion when it comes to ultralight hiking tents, without a doubt, the Illumina X will be their best pick. This tent can brave the coldest summit or the scorching summer heat without having to weigh heavy on your shoulders. The cherry on top? It is incredibly affordable compared to traditional bulky camping tents that are troublesome to set up. You can read a detailed review of the Illumina X here.  


Meanwhile, the Cloud Up tent should be included when searching for the best ultralight hiking tents for two people. It gives enough room for a couple going on camping and is so easy to set up. Imagine getting your home away from home within 10 minutes. Can your regular camping tent do that? Of course, not! For those who love to hear the sound of the rain while camping, this tent can keep you warm and dry as it is waterproof and perfect for cozy rainy evenings in the wild.


Same Traits, Different Tents

Apart from making our camping trip easier and happier, they also share many similarities that we can enjoy:

They Are Lightweight

The Ilumina X and Cloud Up Tents are ultralight camping gear under 2 kilograms. They are outlined to perfection to unload the heavy weight of traditional tents on our shoulders without sacrificing the essential features of what a benevolent tent should be — proper ventilation, sturdy, and reliability. The Illumina X only weighs about 1.55 kg, while the Cloud Up is slightly heavier but still under 2 kilos with its 1.8 kg weight.


Camp With Plus One

These are two-person tents designed to give relaxation and ample room for two people. So if you plan to hike with your significant other or a buddy, these will fit you the most—enough space for your belongings and a roomy area for getting that good night's sleep.

Illumina X - 1.55 Kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Forest Green

Double Layer Tent Makes Everything Better

Double-layer tents are the best, and who is included on the list of double-wall tents? You think it right! The Illumina X and Cloud Up are double-layer tents built of two walls, including the tent body and the rainfly mixing two layers of fabric for waterproofing and breathability.


Brave Any Season With 4-Season Tents

No weather is too cold or hot for the Ilumina X and Cloud Up Tents. These tents are engineered to withstand any season, even the freezing temperature of a snowy summit; you are ensured that you are safe and comfy during your whole camping trip when using these tents since they are rated for 4-season. Furthermore, anything Mother Nature throws on you during your trip, whether snow or hail, your tent is made from a sturdy structure to remain stable throughout.


Freestanding Tents Always Save The Day

As the name implies, freestanding tents are a type of camping gear that can hold their shape without being staked out. Because of this feature, the Illumina X and Cloud Up Tents can be picked up and moved from place to place without going limp since they can support themselves. The conventional non-freestanding tents often require rope or cord fixed on a metal stake that you must push or pound in the ground to stand. So why would you spend hours staking out when you can get a hassle-free freestanding tent instead? Indeed, freestanding tents always save the day.

Illumina X - 1.55 Kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Amber


Keeping It Dry And Cozy

Any day is good for camping with the Illumina X and Cloud Up tents since both are waterproof. You can use them on a sunny day, but they can similarly shelter you during rainy days since they are solid and waterproof. There is no space for moisture or leaking inside your tent when using these unbeatable ultralight hiking tents.


Fast And Easy To Pitch

Dreadful days of pitching a tent on the ground are long gone with modern camping tents such as the Illumina X and Cloud Up. These gears are known for their convenience even to seasoned professionals with their exceptionally easy-to-pitch and take-down features. If we compare these two among traditional tents, in less than five minutes, you can already have your place to rest on a camping site. There is no need to go in circles connecting each pole or follow bizarre steps to bide a tent when you can easily do it with the Illumina X and Cloud Up.

Illumina X - 1.55 Kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Amber

Designed With Front Entry

Illumina X and Cloud Up are designed with a front entry, ideal when camping in stormy weather. Upon entering your tent, roll back onto your bed hassle-free for convenience.

Illumina X - 1.55 Kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Forest Green

Protected With A Dry Entry Vestibule

Aside from the front entry, these tents also come with a dry entry vestibule adding additional space to stash out your gear or if you plan to dry your wet shoes. Having extra storage and length to serve as a mudroom or an allocated area for your other belongings is a huge plus point when dealing with tiny spaces like a tent to stay comfy and relaxed.


Roomy With High Side Bucket

Good thing the Illumina X and Cloud Up tents are made with a high side bucket to leave extra headroom. The design brings a unique geometrical space, maximizing the tent's height, leaving ample room for headroom, and avoiding bumping your head or constant slouching inside your tent.


Keep The Bugs Away

Whether in the forest, mountain, or camping site, expect you will most likely encounter bugs and insects lurking around your place occasionally. We know how messy and annoying this incident can be. Luckily, one of the many equal traits of the Illumina X and Cloud Up is their insect-proof mesh inner tent that keeps all the insects out of your tent by prohibiting them from invading your space.


Free Bonus Footprint

Cloud Up and Illumina X share the similarity of having a bonus footprint, a sheet that forms protection between the ground and your tent. This feature is highly recommended when camping on rough and rocky terrain, with the potential of pitching your tent on sharp points and rough edges. It is a bonus factor you should always consider when looking for tents for sale.


What Set Them Apart?

Given all their identical traits, it can be deduced that they are designed as one. However, although they feature almost the same features, they have several distinctions that set them apart. For example, how you choose the right tent depends on the size, price and many other factors.

The Illumina X is a premium tent made from superb high-quality materials. On the other hand, the Cloud Up is a mid-range tent suitable for a budget-friendly tent with superior qualities. Although they are both ultralight camping gear, the first one only weighs about 1.55 kg total weight excluding the footprint, while the Cloud Up weighs 1.58 kg to 1.8 kg without the tent footprint.

In terms of the materials used, the Cloud Up is a mixture of polyester and nylon; On the other hand, the Illumina X is made from pure nylon, the best material for ultralight tents.

However, Cloud Up comes in multiple colours, such as Amber, Bud Green, Light Green and Mustard Green, a manifold of colours to blend with your taste. You can get the Illumina X in Amber and Forest Green colours with a free compact travelling bag.

Illumina X - 1.55 Kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Amber


Unequivocally speaking, these tents embody all the features and qualities a seasoned hiker or a beginner will look for a tent to pitch during their trip. But if you will pick one to bring on your next expedition and you have your hard-earned money to spend, go for a premium tent such as the Illumina X. It is easy to tag along since it is lighter as compared with other lightweight camping tents, allowing you to walk and move freely without worrying about the shoulder pain that usually comes when carrying heavy gears. In addition, although subtle, it is made from sturdy materials to protect you from all kinds of weather, even if you plan to camp on freezing terrain.

We also recommend getting the Cloud Up for those with a limited budget who want to get the best out of what they are paying for. It is one of the best mid-range camping tents available in the market, made from excellent materials to keep you safe and warm at night. Whilst the Illumina is lighter than the other, this one still weighs under 2 kilograms, so it will not hurt your shoulders and back much.

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