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Beautiful Overnight Camping Sites in Auckland, New Zealand


Finding overnight camping sites can be quite a struggle. However, in Auckland New Zealand, there are many overnight camping sites that are full of life. I would highly recommend my fellow Zealanders or tourists to visit these beautiful overnight camping sites. Whether it is your first time or you are a recurring camper / hiker, these places are the perfect fit for you to unwind and relax.

Sometimes life can get overwhelming but you will be pleased to hear that there are a handful of beautiful overnight camping spots around Auckland, New Zealand. From beachfront to campgrounds, there are many overnight camping spots near Auckland, New Zealand. But first, why should you camp?

Why Should I Camp?

Camping usually occurs as a result of a glorious hike. Despite the different climates in New Zealand, it is reasonable to go camping at any time of the year. Most importantly, camping helps you connect with nature. While camping, it is most likely that you will visit some of the most exclusive wilderness.

Besides, camping is a one-stop avenue for you to unleash your stress. By moving further away from your constant connection with technology, you are often obligated to leave your tech at home. This gives you additional focus on connecting with the people around you and can help you reflect on your own action in the rich and secluded wilderness.

Now that we’ve established some benefits of camping, where should you camp?

Here are Various Overnight Camping Sites:

●    Tawharanui Regional Park

For the ultimate weekend away, visit Tawharanui Regional Park. There are so many activities this place has to offer. There are walking tracks and mountain bike trails, perfect waves for beginner surfers, and many more. Besides that, you can visit this place with your family as most of the activities are centered towards family-oriented activities, establishing a deeper and more intimate connection with your family members.

Most of the bonding activities can assure that it can be a perfect Friday evening getaway. If you are looking to have a weekend away - this regional park is the perfect spot to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

●    Waipu Cove

This cove caters to many different campers. From beginners to avid campers - this cove serves all functions and has many different activities to choose from. Firstly, the campsite is situated in the center of the beach - where people can enjoy activities like cooking up a feast, barbecuing, or simply spending time around one another. Waipu Cove is quite an interesting locality, especially because it makes connecting so much easier. From making your own dishes and navigating the island on your own, there are also many exclusive services such as the Cove Cafe which can help you cook up a feast. From morning breakfast to delicious lunch and dinner cuisines, the choice is endless. Your cravings will be satisfied with the proficiency of chefs in this cafe.

●    Goat Island

The name surely sounds alluring. Many ask if they are able to find goats on this island. Nope, you won’t find any goats, unfortunately. However, you can find a variety of different fishes. Goat island is home to many colorful fishes. Yes, not goats but fishes. Besides the many colorful fishes waiting for you, there are extensive activities that you can be involved in. In addition to the family-oriented activities that are available like playgrounds, 130-acre campsites with barbecues, and more, there are also many personal activities available. This Goat Island is everything and more for an overnight camping adventure. I would highly recommend this place for newcomers and recurring visitors.

●    Tapapakanga Regional Park

This regional park camping spot is a perfect spot that features a native forest and its very own beach. In short, you feel like you are secluded on an island. Despite the generally close knitted campsites in Tapapakanga Regional park, there are four main campsites in this park.

 Hence, you do not have to worry about lack of personal space in relation to other campers around you. If you prefer a more secluded area with your friends and family, this regional park can help create the boundary between you and other campers!  Besides, if you want to enjoy the communal facilities, there are many amenities available such as a beautiful native forest, tranquil stream and golden beach! Most importantly, you will have fun!

●    Wenderholm Regional Park

Yet again, another regional park. However, Wenderholm Regional Park has its own beauty! Just a 30-minute drive from Auckland, it is the best place for its rather close proximity to Auckland. The campsite specialties in many fashioned tents to camper vans and buses.

  If you want to stay relatively close to the center of Auckland, while still going somewhere more private, this is the best bet. With some picnic snacks, a drink or two, and some friends, this could be your next best getaway.

●    Takapuna Beach

Takapuna Beach is a top choice for wannabe campers who are not ready to venture into the wilderness. It comes with an eternal view of Rangitoto, a stellar beach and chilly water for an early morning or late night swim. You can also enjoy the amazing view of the sunset or sunrise, and hop in the pool for a cocktail or two.

 This is a nice place if you are looking for a chilled adventure; it’s more family-oriented and this place is nice for a quick and easy getaway.

●    Waiheke Island

Stellar views, endless adventures, unbeatable island vibes, it is tempting to extend your staycation here. The Auckland views are mesmerizing, and there are so many things to love about this tiny but stunning island. Besides, there is a campground set on the beachfront, it is perfect for either kayaking or just soaking up the warmth. Unwind, relax, and explore Waiheke Island!

 Some were asking whether there are free campsite locations in Auckland, New Zealand, here are a few options:

Here are Various Free Overnight Camping Sites:

●    Gulf Harbour Car Park

This is a sweet spot for certified self-contained vehicles. This camping site has public toilets, and you can also stay for a maximum of two nights. If you are looking for something sweet and simple, this Gulf Harbour Car Park is made for you!

●    Ray’s Rest Camping Reserve

This free campground is located on the edge of Auckland and Waikato regions. It is perfect if you are looking for a short stay as this camping reserve can allow a stay of two consecutive nights. This is a good place as it is located a walk away from the nearest beach with an excellent view.

●    Te Toro Scenic Reserve

Camping in the Te Toro Scenic Reserve is a pleasant freedom camping spot located near the beach for relaxation. It only allows a stay of up to two nights maximum and it comes at a first-come-first serve policy. Moreover, there are public facilities and picnic beaches for you to enjoy!

What camping equipment do I need?

 As any seasoned camper would tell you, hiking unprepared can have major consequences. Factors such as seasonality, weather, and camping gears have to be considered thoroughly to ensure that proper measures are taken into account. Hence, it is best to bring your camping equipment to ensure a good hike!

●    Hiking backpack (waterproof)

A hiking bag is perfect to store your valuable items such as your dry clothes, electronics and others. To ensure your dry-wet bag is sealed watertight, fold down the roll top closure at least three times. When you are going for any water sport activities - kayaking, paddling, surfing, or even camping - a waterproof hiking backpack is ideal to prevent your valuable items from getting wet.

●    Portable camping shower

If you are going hiking or camping in the wilderness, it is important to stay clean with our portable camping shower. It is designed for its functional nature - lightweight and easy to use.

●    Sleeping mat

This inflatable push sleeping mat is innovative and creative in sight. It offers comfortable cushioning and it is certainly a good choice in terms of accessibility and weight.

●    Sleeping bag

This lightweight and compact sleeping bag offers plenty of room for you to turn and stretch and even to snuggle in for the night for a sounding sleep. With its affordable price and functional nature, it will keep you comforted during your entire hike. 

Final Thoughts

There are many beautiful sites to take into account in Auckland, New Zealand. Whether you are a beginner camper / hiker or an advanced hiker, there is always a place for you.

 Depending on your preferences, we hope the list above helped you to make a clear decision on the beautiful overnight camping sites you want to visit!

 Before that, remember to pack well and organise your camping equipment. Pack light and only bring items that are necessary in making your camping adventure much more bearable! If you are unsure of which camping equipment to bring along with you, you can visit Novapro Sports as we have a comprehensive list of camping equipment that you can purchase.


1.   Can you camp for free in Auckland, New Zealand?

  Responsible freedom camping can be a popular choice for some New Zealand visitors; but while it is free of charge, it is not free of responsibility. Responsible freedom camping is camping in a tent, campervan or motor vehicle on public land, on a site with minimal or no facilities, such as toilets or showers.

2.   Is camping in New Zealand safe?

Camping in non-designated campsites in New Zealand is generally not allowed. While safety is a factor, there are also many other aspects that could leave your life at stake. You may be fined up to $200 if caught wild camping - especially if you do not have access to public toilets and other camping facilities. It is better to be safe and protected than having to deal with consequences in the future.

3.   Do you need to book campsites in New Zealand?

Generally no, but it is always best to book campsites upon deciding a camping date and location. You do not want to go to the campsites and suddenly, have to cancel your whole plan because it is fully booked.

 Depending on the seasons, campsites are usually more popular during summer, or in New Zealand’s school holidays. In this case, some of the best campsites are typically booked up. While it is okay if you do not book your campsites, it is generally much more advisable to book it beforehand!

4.   What do you need for camping?

It ultimately depends on where you are going, for how long, whether you are hiking with anyone else (and if so, how experienced they are), how you're getting there, what the weather forecast is, and other essential factors to keep in mind.

 Despite the factors that come into play, there are critical materials that you have to bring. The general rule is to pack as light as you can, while bringing all the necessary requirements (some of which we’ve mentioned above).


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