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5 Guide For Buying Ultralight Tent

5 Guide For Buying Ultralight Tent

Ultralight tents sound interesting. The prominent perk of having lightweight products while hiking is that you do not get tired quickly. The lighter your luggage better is your journey. Out of everything you carry for a trek tent is one of the heavy elements. Well, that is why you need an ultralight tent. The Cloud-up 3 ultra-light hiking tent is the new cult in the work of trek. People are going gaga over it, and there are valid reasons. 


What is an ultralight tent?

The tent is lighter than you would ever think of, as the name says. The super-light tent uses a sturdy material to be your home during the camp but does not put much weight on your shoulders. An ultralight tent weighs about 1.9kg or less, making it easy to carry around. The Cloud-up 3 is robust and durable and has double-layer protection. The fabric does not itch you. And the ample space makes it ideal for every trek. The enormous cloud size, up to 3, is about 2kg, so you can calculate how light will be in a one-person tent of the same range.


Why do people choose an ultralight tent?

The biggest issue when you are packing for a trek is the weight. You want to carry everything you might need but not get many products due to its heavyweight. An ultralight tent gives you the liberty to bring some extra 1.5kg because the ultralight tent weighs about half of a regular tent. Even after being light, it has ample space to fit in with adult humans. It depends on you to choose the capacity.

Go for one-person, two-person, or three-person accommodation, but the average weight will be less to feel lighter with your luggage. Especially for a Cloud-up three-person tent, you won't think you are carrying such a prominent lightweight hiking tent. It is super lightweight yet spacious enough to fit three adults comfortably.

If you plan to buy an ultralight tent and are unsure where to start, you have the top 5 guides to buying an ultralight tent or hiking gear.


Cloud Up 3 Ultralight Hiking Tent - Green Upgraded

Image from: Cloud Up 3 Ultralight - Green Upgraded



1. Of course, the tent's weight- When you are looking for an ultralight tent, the weight matters for sure. With the accommodation of people, the weight might increase, but in the case of Cloud-up 3 it is not more than 2kg for a 3 person tent so that you could carry all your stuff with easy even without worrying about heavy luggage.

2. Does it free stand well- the most common problem of lightweight tents is that they cannot be that stable when kept free-standing. Don't worry because we designed the Cloud-up 3 so that it free stands pretty well. If you are in a super windy area, the wind will not blow away your tent. That's guaranteed.

3. Is it waterproof-Oh yes, it is waterproof? It is a multi-season tent that makes it eligible to work every season. So don't worry if you go on a monsoon trek. It is super comfy to sit inside the tent and enjoy the rain. The tent will keep you warm and protected from the rain.

4. Mantle and dismantle- Cloud-up 3 is pretty easy to set up the tent and dismantle after being such a giant tent. A single person can easily do it. If you are new to trekking, you need the Cloud-up 3. It is easy to use and be your ideal friend on the trek.

5. The size of the tent depends on how many people would be using the tent. It can be a one-person, two-person, or three-person tent. It all depends on your requirements. The Cloud-up 3 has enough space for three adults. Some moving areas ahead of the tent make the tent appear more prominent than any. The ideal tent that you could get for your next camp.


Advantages of using an ultralight tent

Breathable Fabric

The fabric makes a huge difference in making the tent lightweight. An ultralight tent comes with a breathable fabric that makes the tent perfect for all seasons. It is not super thick that it will make you feel super warm or not so thin that it won't protect you from the excessive temperature outside. An ultralight tent-like Cloud-up 3 comes with a breathable fabric.


Waterproof Material

Even after being such thin and breathable, the fabric of Cloud-up 3 is waterproof. It will protect you from rain, snowfall, and whatnot. It is easy to enjoy the rain and not get wet if inside a tent. The waterproof material makes it last longer and survive in any location.


Easy to Carry and Dismantle

Since it is lightweight, the tent comes with pretty light parts, which are easy to set up and dismantle. The super lightweight makes it a comfortable piece to carry around.


It Does not Cost Much

The perk of buying the Cloud-up 3 is that it is not that expensive even after bringing in such excellent facilities. If you search for an ultralight tent that will not dig a hole in your pocket, then Cloud-up 3 is your destination.


Multi-season Tents

The tents are super light, and you can use them multiple times. That makes it worth the money you pay.


Double Protection Fabric

The Cloud-up 3 comes with double fabric protection that keeps you protected from flies and other insects but brings fresh air through the layered security. It is the ultimate thing that you want to have during the trek.


Product Review

Cloud-up 3


Cloud Up 3 Ultralight Hiking Tent - Green Upgraded

Image from: Cloud Up 3 Ultralight - Green Upgraded


Ultralight tents are the ideal tent that you would want. Cloud-up 3 is the queen among all making it your best buddy during every trek. We load it with features that are too on a budget. Now you know how to get the best ultralight tent



The ultralight tent is a fantastic item that will truly enhance your journey. With its lightweight and high quality, it will surely not disappoint you. The product is unique and available in various shapes, sizes, and colours, making it easier to choose. If you are a hiker looking for ways to reduce your backpack weight for a simple solution to your tent, then getting the ultralight tent is the best option.

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