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Illumina X - 1.55 Kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Forest Green


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Illumina X - 1.55 Kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Forest Green


Illumina X

The Illumina X Ultralight Hiking Tent in Forest Green is a strong competitor for the category of ultralight hiking tents under 2kg by Novapro Sports. The forest green colour on this model is specially chosen and made to blend in with nature, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as camping or mountain climbing.


Quick Summary of Features

Important features:

    Other Features:

    • Front Entry
    • Dry Entry Vestibule
    • Fast & Easy to Pitch
    • High Side Bucket (prevents splatter and snow coming in)
    • Insect Proof Mesh inner tent
    • 360T 20D Nylon Ripstop Tent
    • Suitable for Sun, Rain, Mild Snow
    • Alpine, Cycling, Base Camping, Leisure, Fishing, Thru-Hiking, Backpacking, Overnight Hikes etc.
    • Free Bonus Footprint (Custom sized for your tent)
    • Available in Forest Green or Amber (Orange)


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    Important Note: Measurements and weight mentioned above and below are just approximations. Pole, pegs, ropes and other accessories and attachments to tent colours may differ in colour depending on production batches. Please allow variations to listed weight due to the manufacturing process from collection to batch.

    Brand: Illumina 
    Model: Illumina X (Green)
    Best Use: Hiking, Camping, Backpacking
    Seasons: 4 Season 
    Sleeping Capacity: 2-Person
    Design Type: Freestanding
    Total Packed Weight: 1.55kg (excluding footprint)
    Footprint Weight: 230g
    Packed Size: 40cm x 13cm x 13cm
    Assembled Size: 210cm (L) x 125cm (W) x 100cm (H) + 60cm Vestibule
    Waterproof Index

    Tent Fly: Fabric PU5000MM Fully Seam Sealed + Coating PU3000MM Fully Seam Sealed

    Tent Floor: Fabric PU5000MM Fully Seam Sealed + Coating PU3000MM Fully Seam Sealed

    Wind Speed Approximately: 30-40km/h (Moderate to Strong Wind Speed)

    Tent Fly: 360T 20D Nylon Ripstop

    Inner Tent: B3 Breathable Mesh

    Bottom Tent: 360T 20D Nylon Ripstop

    Poles: 7001-T6 Aviation Aluminum (8.5mm)

    Accessories: 1 Carry Bag, Duraflex Buckles


    Features Addressed Comprehensively

    The Ilumina X Ultralight hiking tent is probably one of the ideal choices from hiking tents in Australia while also at a great range of costs. Whether you are going for an adventure in a windy area, snowy conditions, mountaineering and experience camping, the dome tent or family tent will serve you excellent benefits and make your trip very memorable and enjoyable to the fullest.


    The compact weight of only 1.5kgs will not even take up much space in your carry bag or burden your shoulders. This double layer tent is covered with fully sealed edges and will survive any condition from heavy snow to nasty weather, ensuring its remarkable performance.


    The lightweight yet great interior space Illumina X Ultralight Hiking camp will allow sleeping comfortably compared to other tents. It will further facilitate extra space for gear storage while still having more room if you may want to keep more gear inside.


    The inner mesh that facilitates insect protection will ensure no insects enter the tent. The tent also has high bucket sides to protect the tent and your from heavy rainfalls or severe weather conditions while facilitating warmer and more comfortable sleep time.


    Another best feature of the tent is that it is a four-season tent which means it is suitable for cold to moderate and warmer weather conditions. Unlike poorly made single skin tents, where condensation is a common issue, this tent is a double-layered tent with a ventilated canvas that keeps the surroundings fresh and comfortable, whether it's a hot, steamy summer or a freezing winter.


    This tent is made of nylon, similar to other tent manufacturer brands, and features a ripstop design that protects the tent even if any of the layers are accidentally damaged.


    We have the best footprints, tarps, hydration packs, sleeping bags, and other camping gear available to help you get ready for your next excursion. With tents ranging in size from two to three people, the equipment includes guy lines, sleeping mats, and much more. Novapro Sports strives to provide you with the most satisfactory service possible.


    Mountain Climbing or Hiking-related Terminology

    These hiking tents are also known as backpacking tents because of their usage ability for backpacking too. Following terminologies related to trekking tents facilitate in understanding the camping gear like ultralight hiking tents better:


    4 Season Tents

    The thing about a four-season tent is that it comes in use mainly in the winter season only. That, however, does not mean you cannot use it in summers or during near-summers. You can use it entirely in the summers or even during cold winters to moderate weather conditions.

    The primary function of these tents is to keep you safe from snow, snow piling, frost, hailstorm, as well as strong winds. Also, it helps trap some bodily heat and trap wind speeds; these tents are generally manufactured wholly of mesh rather than nylon and polyester.


    Trail Weight

    Trail weight is the weight of all the essential components or parts of a hiking tent. These components include the tent poles as well as the tent body. However, the trail weight doesn't have any other items that come with a tent.

    Suppose your tent comes with other tent accessories or other camping gear, including tent pegs, tent stakes, guy ropes, stuff sack, or just any additional accessories. In that case, you must consider detaching them before you weigh the tent's most precise minimum trail weight.


    Packed Weight

    Packed weight, on the contrary, is the overall weight of the complete trekking tent package. It encompasses everything from the tent's body, stakes, trekking poles, footprints, and guy ropes. Moreover, the packed weight includes extra accessories, such as sleeping bags, sleeping mats, and whatever extras you can think it has. To be precise, packed weight is the overall weight of camping gear.


    Freestanding Tent

    Freestanding tents fit exactly what their first name implies: you don't have to peg them out so that the tent bodies can keep their shape depending on themselves. The accompanying tent poles support these designs, which can be lifted and carried around camp without becoming slack.


    1 Man Tents and 2 Man Tents

    Most tents from one-person or one-person tents are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for hikers to carry along for trekking or backpacking. This sort of tent folds up compactly, but you can also construct them to be fastened to your backpack, providing you with a fast place to sleep when you need it.

    On the other hand, two-person tents or two-person tents are compact tents that can accommodate two people easily. Many people recommend the two-person tent for solo hikers with a backpack and other tent accessories.


    Waterproof Tent

    The manufacture covers the folds with polyurethane and tapes the openings to prevent water from seeping into a waterproof tent or shelter. Tents also use waterproof certifications to assess their waterproofing characteristics.


    Double Layer Tent

    You can construct Double-wall tents with two walls of fabric: the tent body and the rain fly. Tents began to incorporate two layers of fabric to provide water resistance, and ventilation as cotton tear-resistant materials give nylon tear-resistant fabrics. The rainfly has no ventilation despite being entirely waterproof. Whereas the inner tent is altogether breathable, it is not waterproof. When you have both, you get the right balance. People prefer Double-layer tents over single skin tents.

    Reasons Why a Lightweight or Ultralight Tent is Worth the Purchase

    If you're embarking on a mountaineering trip or adventure with a group of friends or even if it is a family trip, it's far more practical and an excellent choice to carry just a few lightweight tents depending on how many people accompany you. Here are the top five reasons to invest in an ultralight tent.


    1. It is all about Saving Weight When it Comes to a Lightweight Tent 

    We have mentioned the primary reason behind purchasing a lighter weight tent in the name. It's all about shedding pounds and its functionality. If you're going on a trail by yourself, you'll have enough pretty vital gear. Snacks, pots, a stove, a first-aid kit, weather gear, and a sleeping bag can contribute to the weight of your backpack. A lighter tent may significantly reduce the weight of your bag, resulting in less stress on your body and lower energy consumption. You can trek for lengthier and larger distances.


    2. Mature Hikers can continue to pursue their Passion 

    Many individuals have given up camping since it is physically hard on their bodies, and they can't carry all of the necessary items as they grow older. However, going light is the most excellent way to keep up with your favourite activity. People who aren't as young or muscular as they once were might continue to participate in their preferred outdoor activities by losing weight.


    3. They are as durable and important as Heavier Tents 

    Family camping equipment is continually improving, and also being portable is no longer correlated to being less valuable. When camping, a lightweight tent provides all or most of the potential benefits and comfort of a giant tent, which is very important. Nowadays, tent manufacturers have access to long-lasting fabrics, offer insulation on cold nights, and are significantly lighter than conventional tent materials.


    4. Carrying A Lightweight Tent Allows You To Travel Longer 

    The lighter your tent is, the less load you have to pack, permitting you to go further. An ultralight tent will enable you to trek more considerable daily distances in less time, allowing you to view more of the lovely scenery. The farther you get into the wilderness, the fewer people you'll encounter the more you will enjoy your trekking and camping. Furthermore, shorter days in early spring or late fall imply less distance travelled, although they may use a light tent to compensate for that.


    5. Allow for Additional Accessories or Equipment 

    You'll have more space and be able to carry more camping gear if you choose a compact tent. More goods may improve your backpack experience by increasing comfort as well as functionality. When driving across the woods, every pound matters and longer excursions generally necessitate more gear. Packing everything you need is no longer a problem with a compact tent.


    There is an excellent range of tents, including all types, at our store for your next adventure. Novapro Sports makes sure not to compromise on the quality and durability of their hiking tents and other accessories. To shop for the most suitable tents, click here.


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