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Illumina X - 1.55 Kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Amber


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Illumina X - 1.55 Kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Amber

Illumina X


The Illumina X Ultralight Hiking Tent in Amber is a strong competitor for the category of ultralight hiking tents under 2kg in our stock. With its extremely low price, it is the perfect hiking tent for beginners and seasoned professionals. 

Whether you are trekking the cold summit in the winter or want to go on an outdoor tour in the summer, the Illumina X tent will assist you in having the best camping experience all year round. Here is a quick summary of its features, followed by a detailed description. 

Quick Summary of Features

Distinguishing features:

  • Hiking Tent Under 2kg
  • 2 Man Tent
  • Only 1.55kg
  • Double Layer Tent
  • 4 Seasons Year Round Usage
  • Freestanding Tent
  • High Side Bucket
  • 360T 20D Nylon Ripstop Fabric
  • Insect Proof Mesh inner tent
  • Easy to Assemble


Other Features:

  • Front Entry
  • Dry Entry Vestibule
  • Fast & Easy to Pitch
  • High Waterproofing
  • Fully Seam Sealed
  • 360T 20D Nylon Ripstop Tent
  • Suitable for Sun, Rain, Mild Snow
  • Alpine, Cycling, Base Camping, Leisure, Fishing, Thru-Hiking, Backpacking, Overnight Hikes etc.
  • Free Bonus Footprint (Custom sized for your tent)
  • It comes with a compact travelling bag
  • Strong 7001-T6 Aviation Aluminum Tent Poles
  • Available in Amber (Orange) or Forest Green colours


For More Extensive Information on this tent, See blog for: Illumina X Ultralight Hiking Tent Review 

Read Gear Review on our Illumina X Hiking Tent by Darren Edwards from Trail Hiking Australia

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Important Note: Measurements and weight mentioned above and below are approximates. Pole, pegs, ropes and other accessories and attachments to tent colours may differ in colour depending on production batches. Please allow variations to listed weight due to the manufacturing process from batch to batch.

Brand: Illumina
Model: Illumina X (Amber)
Best Use: Hiking, Camping, Backpacking
Seasons: 4 Season 
Sleeping Capacity: 2 Person
Design Type: Freestanding
Total Pack Weight:

1.55kg (excluding footprint)

Footprint Weight:


Packed Size: 40cm x 13cm x 13cm
Assembled Size: 210cm (L) x 125cm (W) x 100cm (H) + 60cm Vestibule
Waterproof Index

Tent Fly & Floor: Fabric PU5000MM Fully Seam Sealed+ Coating PU3000MM Fully Seam Sealed

Wind Speed Approximately: 30-40km/h (Moderate to Strong Wind Speed)

Tent Fly: 360T 20D Nylon Ripstop

Inner Tent: B3 Breathable Mesh

Bottom Tent: 360T 20D Nylon Ripstop

Poles: 7001-T6 Aviation Aluminum (8.5mm)

Accessories: 1 Carry Bag, Duraflex Buckles


Key Terms Related to Hiking

3-season tent

A 3 seasons tent is primarily designed for spring, summer, and fall seasons. These tents are designed to be extremely lightweight are provide rather good protection from rain and wind. In addition, the build typically intends to provide as much ventilation as possible with breathable fabrics and usually double-layered tents.


4-season tent
A 4 season tent is usually used only in the winter. It can be used in warmer seasons too, but it is specially designed to be utilised in cooler weather that ranges from low to moderate conditions. Snowy areas with wind and snowfall are prime locations for 4 season tent usage.

Main purpose The main purpose of these tents is to protect you from snow, snow buildup, ice, hail, and high winds. These tents are double layered as well mostly.


Freestanding tent
Most of the tents available at Novapro Sports store are freestanding types which offer you ease and comfort of popping up your tent in sudden rains or snowfalls. A freestanding tent can hold its shape on its own without needing to be staked out. These designs receive support from included tent-poles and can be picked up and shifted around camp without going limp.

Packed weight
Packed weight is the total weight of the tents packages. These tents include everything from poles, rainfly, and tents bodies to stakes, footprint, and guy ropes. On top of this, it also consists of the provided bags and any extras you get. In short, packed weight is the total weight of everything your tents comes with.


Trail weight
This weight refers to the total mass of the tents body and tents poles, but not any other accessories included in the tents package, such as tents stakes, guy cords, stuff sack, pegs, or any other equipment. In case your tents comes with guy cords attached, you need to remove them before weighing the tents to determine its accurate minimum mass.


Detailed Description of Features

Illumina X Ultralight Tent is one of the best hiking tents you can find in Australia in 2022 at a price that is just as good. Whether you are going for an adventure in a windy area, trekking outdoor in the mountains, or backpacking on your cycle tour, this camp will serve you with its endless features making your adventure a very memorable one. 



With a minimum weight of only 1.5Kg, you are not even going to feel this tent taking space in your backpack. This tent will keep you safe in any environment with double layers and a high waterproof index of 3000MM and 5000MM and fully sealed seams.


Lightweight tent 

Illumina X is a spacious but lightweight tent where two person can easily sleep, which comes at a very affordable price. Even if you are considering it for single usage, this tent will provide you with great room for sleeping and keeping all your equipment and still some. It has high bucket sides, which offer a comfortable, breathable atmosphere within the tent to sleep in. 


Due to high sides and the breathable inner mesh, this tent is extremely comfortable to sleep in during cold and windy weather. The featured High bucket sides will also help shield you from heavy downpour and rain, protecting you and your expensive camping gear from getting unnecessarily wet by the water.


The net pocket will keep your belongings safe within the tent as well. You can keep your gadgets, camping gear accessories, or climbing gear easily in this pocket. With a hook for hanging a light, you can easily light up your tent at night as a camping gear. You can, of course, use this for hanging other things as well, just as it fits you. 


Four-season tent

This ultralight tent is a four-season tent and therefore suitable for usage in low to moderate snowy conditions. Whether you are a backpacker, snowboarder, skier, or hiker, we can easily recommend this tent to you without any concerns. The ultralight aluminium frame can withstand some light snow, but it is recommended not to use this tent in extreme snowfall weather.

Unlike low cost single-walled tents in which condensation is a common issue causing the environment inside the tent to get stuffy and suffocating, this tent is a double-walled tent with a breathable mesh to the environment fresh and lively in any season, be it a dry summer or a very humid fall or winter. The mesh also keeps insects and spiders out of the tent.

Along with being waterproof, this tent still has excellent ventilation with its two layers. Some condensation and humidity is still expected in this tent, just like every other tent in the market, depending on the weather conditions. We recommend letting in fresh air into your tent whenever the weather is humid through the efficiently designed front vestibule door.  

This tent is mainly designed for cooler regions even though we have mentioned it is suitable for all weathers.  In more humid areas, using the vestibule door from time to time to let the fresh air come in, and you will be safe. If you keep the tent closed up in humid environments, you can very easily create a rather suffocating atmosphere which can be dangerous for you, so it is best practice to be mindful of the atmosphere of the tent at all times.


Made from nylon akin to other big brand expedition tents, this tent will keep you warm and cosy in a cold environment. It has a ripstop pattern weave that protects the tent even if there is an accidental hole. 


Using the bonus included custom-sized footprint is recommended to protect your tent floor from random rips and tears. Nylon is a very strong fabric, so you need not worry too much about this, but taking care of your camp will only make it last longer! 


The nylon fabric does not only have strength but impressive waterproofing. With a waterproof index totalling about 8000MM (Fabric PU5000MM + Coating PU3000MM) and full seam sealing, this tent will keep you dry on rainy days. Most hiking tents are waterproof these days, but many of the expensive offerings are often less waterproof than Illumina X. 


With a high waterproof rating, we can safely recommend this tent used in wet areas such as riversides or rainy forests. Of course, ventilation should be kept in check in more soaked and more humid places, though. 


The inner mesh of this tent will keep any bugs or insects out of the tent. Many brands overlook this protection feature that it is very important to mention. Harmful spiders, insects, or bugs will be out of this tents due to its mesh, and you will stay protected from them for as long as you want to. 


Whenever you air the tents for ventilation, you need to make sure to keep the mesh closed and only open the door of the outer fly to keep the bugs out! In single-layer hiking tents, airing becomes a huge issue due to this exact reason— there is no protective mesh. However, with Illumina X, you will be safe from the bugs even when airing your person tent out. 


The minimum weight of Illumina X, which is the tent's weight and its poles only, is in the range of 1.3 to 1.5 Kg only! It is a compact tent that can fit inside any regular climbing backpack without adding extra weight or taking too much space. Even being this light, Illumina X is a sturdy and rugged tent that can withstand most weather. 


Once again, keeping the weight low is the fabric of choice, nylon. Nylon is for sure light on its own, but the added benefit of utilising nylon is that it does not absorb water. As a result, even after usage in rainy areas, your tent will be just as light as it will be in dry areas. 


Camping near rivers or in humid places has never been more efficient! This ripstop weave of the fabric also helps in keeping the small tears and rips at a minimum, so water through such gaps will also be very little, too little to affect your overall camping experience. 


Self-standing design

One of the highlights of Illumina X is that it has a self-standing design. This means that the tents structure can stand on its own without pegging. This self-standing feature helps in sheltering you in case of sudden rain or snow, keeping you rather safe from sudden outdoor changes. If you like to have temporary rests for recharging your energy during longer adventures, this feature will, of course, be appreciated by you as well. 


To have the tent self-standing, insert the tent-poles into holes at the corner of the tent and other frame points, and just like that, the tent will stand by itself. You can still do pegging, especially in windy conditions, but it is noteworthy how Illumina X offers a self-standing design at such an affordable price. 


Even with pegging, the total weight will not be too much as the tents weighs only a mere 1.3 Kg. In addition, the pegs with Illumina X are made from lightweight aluminum, just like the tents poles. Illumina X comes bundled with a bag of 12 pegs for free! 


This lightweight tents does even need any footprints or tarp on its floor. However, we recommend making use of a waterproof footprint to prolong the life of your tent. The great thing about the Illumina X tent is that it comes with a custom footprint for free, something many brands fail to offer and sell separately. 


A Perfect Tent For You!

With all these great features, Illumina X is the perfect tent for you. Order your Illumina X Ultralight hiking tent today at an unbeatable price from our store now. With a one-year warranty, easy 30-day return and refund policy, and free, fast delivery, you will not regret your choice at all! Our customer service will always be present to assist you. To be more up to date with everything outdoors, sign up for our newsletter! 


If you want more extensive information on this tent, see our Illumina X Ultralight Hiking Tent Review blog. You can read our Review on Illumina X Hiking Tent by Darren Edwards from Trail Hiking Australia. You can also click here to see our video on Illumina X Hiking Tent on our YouTube channel. If you are still unsure, this is not the right tent for you; check out the unique Tent Comparison Chart available in our store.


If you need any other hiking tents, such as two-person tents or three-person tents, you can check out other range of hiking tents on our store's hiking tents collection page. You can also check out more than 100 other products we offer and stock, which will enhance the experience of your trip. 


We stock high-quality footprints, tarps, hydration packs, camping pillows, sleeping bags, and many other high-quality hiking gear at very affordable prices to make your next hiking trip as light and stress-free as possible. Novaprosports store is known to stock one of the best collection and range of Ultralight tents without any trade-offs, such as the Illumina X tent you are viewing right now. Keeping the price extremely affordable, we want everyone to have the best possible hiking experience without emptying their wallets and breaking their backs. 





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