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Protech is an international shuttlecocks brand name registered in 1990.

From its origin as a manufacturer of Badminton shuttlecocks, Protech has over the years advanced itself to become the market leader in the development and manufacturing of shuttlecocks and all badminton related accessories such as racquets, guards, grips, thermal bags and etc.

Our Goal is to provide High Quality Professional Gears to Outdoor Enthusiasts at Factory to Consumer prices by bypassing the traditional retail distribution model.

By offering direct factory to consumer products, Novaprosports is also able to control the quality of the product and produce and offer only the best while customer product feedbacks are constantly communicated back to the R&D Team for version improvements. 

With well thought out strategies and business processes, Novaprosports is able to offer products of similar features and quality to big brands at only a fraction of price comparing to big brands utilising traditional distribution channels. The quantitative estimation would be bringing you quality professional products at a quarter of retail prices out there.

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