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Your Guide to Enjoying the Great Outdoors with Base Camping

Your Guide to Enjoying the Great Outdoors with Base Camping

Your Guide to Enjoying the Great Outdoors with Base Camping

Do you also find joy in exploring the great outdoors? Nature has so many things to offer that we are bound to see. So many things lie behind our security blanket, waiting for us to uncover. And there is no better way to do this other than camping.

Picture yourself spending days in the woods, witnessing marvellous scenic spots and routes. It sounds like a fantastic day for relaxation. But, unfortunately, it is all fun and games until you need to do the "hard work". Camping comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if you plan to camp for days, you must be well-equipped. Of course, you must bring many camping equipment to accompany you through your journey. On top of that, you need to constantly load and unload these tools every other day if you want to explore on a different site. Admit it or not, we are already tired just thinking about it.

Before you lose interest in camping, we have a better solution for you — base camping. This form of camping is now a favourite among seasoned hikers and enthusiasts like us. It is less hassle compared to traditional camping but, at the same time, allows you to experience the thrills and excitements of camping with nature.


What is Base Camping?

So what is base camping? It is one of the newest forms of camping that allows you to set up your permanent home in the woods for days. Base camping is ideal for campers who hate the idea of setting up their basic tent and equipment from time to time. The idea is saying YES to fun and NO to hassle—a win-win situation for campers, especially those new to the game.

Base camping allows you to create your home away from home by pitching a base camp where all your essentials stay. Doing this will enable you to explore the outdoors with only your backpack and return to your tent before the evening. In addition, it is a relaxing way to avoid bringing heavy hiking gear on your walk that can derail your trip. Moreso, having a camp base also means the opportunity to explore your chosen site daily.


How Do You Set Up A Base Camp?

A base camp can be set up anywhere between free or fee campgrounds. Meanwhile, some also prefer putting up their base camp along a long-distance trail where they can walk in one direction daily. Wherever you would like to build your base depends on your preference and taste. Just ensure it is a safe and reliable spot to safeguard the privacy and security of your gear.

Are you building your base camp for the first time? Here are some things you need to consider.


In constructing a base camp, we must first choose where to build our permanent home during our trip. Here are some tips that can go in handy when setting up a base camp:

  • Check the campground. Look for its amenities, access to the road, and the number of nights allowed.
  • You need to understand the rules and regulations of the campground where you will stay to avoid any complications along your trip.
  • As much as possible, bring small bills. Remember, you will be leaving your belongings in your base camp. Although it is the same place, you must take extra precautions. Bring cash for your campsite, firewood, and food if you run out.
  • Bring earplugs. Campground can be noisy sometimes, so if you want to relax, pack your earplugs.
  • BRING A PEN. Most hikers often forget this, but you need a pen when filling out your registration form.
  • Lastly, be a good neighbour. Be considerate of the other base campers.


Once you choose a location, it is time to assemble our shelter for the next few days.


Base Camp Tent

For our home away from home, go for a base camp tent built from sturdy and durable materials to ensure it will not create any predicament that will delay our trip and give us unnecessary stress. Since we will be staying there for days, you obviously would not want to bring a basic tent camping that will eventually get broken after a day or two. Imagine if it is made from absurd materials, you will likely run from caves to shelters to protect yourself against extreme weather. What a bummer!

Here is how you can find the right tent for your base. If you are travelling alone or with a companion and would like to diminish the weight of your load, a lightweight hiking tent would be the best option. These tents weigh only one to two kilos but are built for different weather conditions and terrains. You can even find some already waterproof and windproof, with pest control ventilation to prevent unwanted guests from entering your abode.

Meanwhile, if you do not like attaching your tent to a rope attached to metal stakes that you need to pound to the ground, we suggest looking for a freestanding hiking tent instead. This type of tent is not connected to anything, yet it can stand on its own and hold its shape. The best thing about a freestanding tent, it can be moved freely without losing its form.


Base Camp Bed

After choosing a tent, our next base camp gear would be our bed. But, of course, you do not imagine yourself sleeping on the ground, do you? Well, that will not only hurt your back but will also send you chills at night. So, packing an inflatable camping bed to sleep soundly and snuggle all night is best. Although we cannot bring our foam bed to the campground, at least we have something that mimics its quality. But this depends on the season of your trip. For example, a sleeping bag is more efficient if you trek on a cold summit. It provides full coverage and protection against inclement weather to insulate you under sub-zero conditions.


Other Essentials When Setting A Base Camp

We have a shelter and bed; it is time to complete our base.



Even though base camping is setting a permanent shelter in the woods, it does not necessarily mean you must bring your cookware sets from your house. Instead, there is camping gear specially made for cooking. These cookwares are often collapsible to save space and often come with three to four pots to help you in preparing hearty meals for everyone. But we prefer to carry a titanium cookware set for our camping because of their ability to conduct heat. It makes cooking time faster to save fuel consumption which is crucial when doing base camping for days.



It would not be easy if you walked blindly in the forest. So be sure to check your headlamp before heading out. Lugging a couple of headlamps and extra batteries is best to ensure we have enough illumination apart from our bonfire.


Is Base Camping Better Than Backpacking?

Is base camping better than backpacking? To answer your question, this solely depends on your purpose. If you are camping with your family, consider a base camp trip instead of backpacking. Usually, base campgrounds feature various amenities that even young ones can enjoy. But for those who do not mind setting their tent back and forth and are willing to go miles, backpacking is better for thrill seekers.


Why Choose Base Camping?

Base Camping is more than a mere luxury of staying in a campground. It comes with a whole lot of benefits too!


1. Less Hassle Compared to Traditional Camping

With base camping, you do not need to pack your hiking equipment every morning or every time you will embark on a new trail.


2. Allows You to See More

When base camping, you can go in different directions instead of backpacking, where you must plan a daily route.


3. Get the Privilege of Doing More

Besides hiking, you can enjoy other activities such as fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and other water sports on the site.


4. Rest Anytime You Want

After a long day of trekking, you can return to your bed anytime. This is another ideal thing about base camping. You get the leisure of relaxing any time of the day.


5. Easy Gear Hauling

When backpacking, we also need to consider the weight of our belongings, which makes us remove some gear to fit in the bag. But you can carry all the essentials on a campsite without worrying about weight. 



You are making the most out of your day when camping is now made possible with base camping. It is a great way to enjoy your trip, witness scenic views, and experience the features of the nearby sites without having to set up your tent constantly. If you are hiking with kids, they will surely enjoy this type of camping. Meanwhile, this is also ideal for new hikers to kick-start their camping journey.

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