Holding My Back: 5 Excuses We Use To Not Go Out For A Ride

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We are all manufacturers – some make good, others make trouble, and still others make excuses. Well, I believed that all riders have that friend who always has an excuse ready to not go for a ride. In my situation, I am “that friend”.

In his new book called “Ask Gary Vee”, Gary Vaynerchuk brings out a point:

“It’s stunning how many remarkable reasons and circumstances people can come up with to explain why they haven’t met with success.”

He’s right. We’re extremely creative with making up excuses (or at least I am). Here are the 5 excuses that I’ve made in the past, and how I destroyed them. If you’re “more creative” than I am, comment below to show off your creativity.


I don’t have time.

This is the mother of all excuses. You’ve agreed to meet your aunt for a coffee at 4pm, meaning that you don’t possibly have time to get a proper ride in. This is what you tell yourself at 9am – seven hours before your appointment – when there would still be enough time to get a quick 100km under your belt. You see, we all have the same 1440 minutes every day. How is it that some people get to go out for a ride and others don’t? It’s simple: they don’t waste their time. So, to survive being scolded by your friends, I suggest you to try something more creative. Try the following.


It’s cold.

There is no doubt that a warm rider is far safer than one who is frozen solid in the winter chill. Hmm, perhaps this can be a legitimate reason. No one likes riding in the cold, but you’ve spent all that money on those thermal bib shorts, leg warmers, arm warmers, jacket, wooly hat and gloves that Arctic explorers would be proud of. You can wear more layers. Or you’re just not working hard enough.


It’s raining.

Well, sure, that doesn’t make it the best of circumstances, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ride. Many seasoned riders will, indeed, point out that it’s perfectly possible to ride in the rain, but a bike dodger will quickly list off the risks of doing just that. You could easily slip and fall off your bike, causing multiple injuries to your body and potentially thousands of pounds worth of damage to your bike. Plus, your shiny new groupset will not appreciate being taken out in the rain and you just don’t have time to give it a proper clean when you get back. All perfectly valid, I’d say.


My bike makes a funny noise.

Oh, is it? Then it might have been a good idea to have something done about that. It’s time to get your bike serviced. Then you find out how much it actually costs for someone to tighten your brake pads and you decide you can do it yourself – something you don’t get round to doing before you’re next asked out for a ride meaning you have to bring the excuse out all over again. Psst, this is a personal favourite of mine.


I have a stomach ache.

Stomach ache seemed to be a classic excuse. I believed that you must have eaten something dodgy at the café. Blame the chef at the cafe – that cheese cake must have been at least three weeks out of date, despite still being oven-warm. Stuff yourself with bacon sandwiches, though, and you’ll have a proper excuse for skipping the ride with your friends. Sometimes health issue is the best policy. Only sometimes, though.


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